Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm back...

Hello, all
I'm sorry to be MIA for long while. Things has gotten hectic and still is.  I just can't believe it will be last week of July. I know a few of you know I haven't been feeling well. Well, I can finally announce that I'm expecting our third child.  the due date is Dec 30th..

We don't know the gender yet as you can see the baby was being shy. lol Hopefully our next visit we will find out for sure.  I've been working on some projects. I'm trying to work on my to do list that I have set up but it is getting hard to get into the scrap room as my daughter had decided to skip her napping time.  I'm still working on organize this challenge, just haven't been able to update which i hope to this weekend and start blogging again.  Off to work on my to do list as well as catching up on my blog readers.  Have a great day!