Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Workdesk

Good afternoon all. I was hoping to do some scrapping but my mojo was not here today. so i decide to clean up and put stuffs away. On top of folding table, I started making a card for jitterbuggin challenge went thur my birthday sticker folders for some ideas. couple came up so i'm working on this. You will see my sketch book that i have started using to sketch out my ideas for dec daily I'm working on. I'm having a hard time picking papers. lol but i know what i want to do. the cabinet I finally clean off and got my large cutter out to work on some stuffs. the black desk is still messy but in process of cleaning up. It also holds some of my current christmas projects in work. the little table belong to my daughter. I currently have it in scraproom as she was using it as a climbing tool to get over the gate. smart cookie. lol you will see my red album that I'm using it for my dec daily. I planning to adhere a metal tag that i purchase from ctmh few years back to front that will say december daily 2010 on it. i think. lol It also hold my die cutting machine. I'm planning ot move them to the cabinet once i figure out where to put the other stuffs. I just uploaded pictures to shutterfly and planning to get them develop on friday when i get pay. I know they are having a special which end tonite but no money for shipping so no biggie. I'm planning to work on the kids' birthday album with those pictures and get them done for christmas. I'm also planning to make couple other christmas gifts. so much to do, so little time to do them all. lol Thanks for reading.
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Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Black Friday!

hi, all hope everyone has a great thanksgiving! We enjoy our time with family. We did go out today for some shopping but we went around 9am. not an early bird here. lol so it wasn't too bad we got our christmas shopping done today. So I'm thankful for that. Next week, we're planning to do some shopping for the stockings and tree decoration. i did pick up some scrappy items when we were at ollie's. i got two paper packs, baby metal items, and 8x8 winter wonderland album. off to relaxbefore bedtime.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Good morning, all Happy Thanksgiving! I'm thanksful for my two wonderful kids and my sweetie. This past year has been a tough year for us financially but a happy times. We are so looking forward to going down to his mom for dinner. I can't wait. lol It is sleeting outside so we're hoping it lighten up before we head down. Last night, I put this card together pretty quickly using the Jitterbuggin challenge ( ). I originally was going to use a butterfly from my cricut but I had this kite already cut out from preivious project and thought it would work out even better. I use CTMH zipper stamp as an overlock stitch around the card border. then i hand stitch around mat, three color box and kite itself. It looks really cute all together. Thank for looking.
I'm off to get stuff together for our trip down to his mom. We're planning to stay overnight and go shopping on black friday. His mom will be watching the kids for us.
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What's on your Workdesk? Wednesday 77

Here is my workdesk this afternoon: I finished the valentine collage but need to get the bigger frame. The frame I was planning to use the glass broke. :( I also started cleaning up putting papers, scraps, and tools away. We are goign away tomorrow and I want to have a clean scraproom when I come back on saturday. lol While i was cleaning up, I find my cupcake recipe album from a swap i did a few months before. I was going thur them and pick few recipes to try out for next month. I also receive my soup swap this past friday. I will post them next wednesday when i get an album for them. I ran out of page protectors so that mean a trip to Micheal. lol which is fine I have a list that i need to get while I'm there anyhow.
There are three layouts I send for Scrapbooking Ali design team. She provided three different sketches to chose from. I chose the first two. I love how they turn out. I know I need to work on taking pictures of my layouts. Sometime I luck out and other time it look crappy. lol I've been looking at wide format printer that would scan these. It is something on my wishlist.
Here is the card I made for the wedding invitation for The Scrapbook Queen: I really like how my cover turn out. I use Bazzil birthstone paper then I embossed in silver power for edge. then I printed their engagment picture in B & W then inside. I had trouble with but i like it.
Well, that's it for now. I'm working on the Jitterbuggin challenge today. I will post it tomorrow before we head down to his mom for Thanksgiving dinner.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Stylish Blogger Award

Wow, I got this award twice! so I will thanks both Rhonda and Becky for this award. Now, this award does come with some rules and I have to pay it forward: 1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this 2. Share 8 things about yourself 3. Pay it forward to 8 bloggers that you have recently discovered 4. Contact those bloggers and tell them about their awards Thank you Rhonda and Becky for this award . Please check out their website. both has alot of awesome inspiration: and 8 things about myself: 1. I love my family! 2. My brother and I were the only ones deaf in our family. Now my brother's three kids are deaf. 3. I love to create! 4. I'm trying to create out of my comfort zone! 5. I'm trying out for design teams. 6. I love meeting with new people. 7. I need my morning cup of joe to get moving! 8. I love chocolate! 8 bloggers I've recently discovered: 1.Sweet Pete 2.Cristie 3.Christy 4. Kathy 5. Stacey 6.Meriah 7.Mary 8. Eugenia I will contact them above throughout today as I get on here and there. lol Thanks for reading

Monday, November 22, 2010

Harry Potter!!!!!

Today I am going with my mom and we are going to watch Harry Potter! We've been waiting a long time for it to come in theater. I know I am so excite! I can't wait. lol I've finished the wedding card challenge and send in my entry. It was my first in making it. I think it looks nice maybe too simple for her. We'll see. I'm almost done with my second challenge which i can't post until after they pick winning entry. I will post them if I don't win. I love how all my layouts came out especially the one i just did this morning. lol I'm planning to do the Jitterbuggin' challenge. i already have the design in my head and the colors which wasn't the part of originally design that was in my head until I find the colorbok paper pack that I gotten at Wal-mart couple years ago that i just started using it. lol so i can't wait to do that card tonight. In previous post, I have mentioned of working on my friend's valentine collage. I have decide to do it all in 2x2 squares of various themes. So I am working on that. I'm planning to purchase the larger frame to show the large valentine collage as planned. I know i need to go to Micheal to get larger mat for frame. just need to decide on color--either red or black or maybe white I can mist it with my walnut ink. something to think about. Well, I need to get off and get ready to go over to my mom to go watch Harry Potter. Thanks for reading!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Wow-times just flew!

Good afternoon, all Yesterday I was at Big Lots and saw this on the shelf. I couldn't resist that big coffee cup. No, I won't be using it as a coffee cup. lol I would never be able to drink it all. lol After I make the cake, I am planning to use this cup in my scraproom to hold my markers and pen. It will go with my colors I have chose for my scraproom. I'm currently working on three projects: my first one is of course the wedding challenge: As you can see, it still in progress. I kinda got stuck on cover. I'm not sure if I'm liking this so I'm working on save the date card. you can see there is other stuffs on this table i need to put away where they belongs. lol Cleaning up is hard to do when i know i have lot of projects i need to do especially with Christmas coming around the corner. so i have decide to wait until January to do the major cleaning and purging where i can focus it more. This is my second project that I just started working on. This is Christmas gift for my friend, Sherry. Don't worry she doesn't know i have this blog. lol She love all the gifts i have made for her this couple past years. I will see if i can find the pictures of all items i have made for her to show you. I'm working on valentine's collage. I gotten this ideas from several blogger. I was originally going to make my own 2x2 squares or Atc size for 13 by 10 frame. While i was getting some papers, embellishments, etc. I came across the valentine swaps I did in 2009 (i think) I had them in a box which i completely forgotten about. so I went thur them as you can see the mess here. lol While i was doing this, I kept thinking of picture frame i saw when i was in big lot that i could incorporate alot more of this. I'm not sure what size that frame was but it was a large square for 10 dollars so that means a trip to big lot to get that frame to do this. I know if i use this smaller frame I might just do the 2x2 square as show on the bottom but i really like the larger pieces. Some of them were tags and i altered them to 2x2 square which work great. so i may change it up and do all 2x2 squares for this smaller frame. or get that larger frame. ooh, what a dilemma. lol or i could do it like i have picture below. wow don't know what to do. I have while yet or i could do both because i know her birthday is two day after Christmas as well. lol i know i know. my third project is one for design team that deadline is coming up pretty soon. I better get cracking and finish that up this weekend. lol Thanks for reading.
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What's on your Workday? Wednesday 76

Good morning, all
I'm working on my first cup of coffee. It is very cold and deary outside. brrrr! Here is what my desks look like:
I actually have two desks. This is my main desk that I tend to do layouts and cards but as you can see it actually became catch it all desk from leftover projects and same for the cabinet in second picture. I'm planning to clean this up and put stuffs away and reorganize sometime this weekend. On the table is currently holding my baby bug and current project. I'm currently entering a wedding card challenge which is still in work this morning. I'm working on printing the inside of invitation. I just find the RGB code for silver so I will be doing that later today after doing errands. so join in the fun and post your workdesk! at Stamping Ground ( )

Monday, November 15, 2010

It's Manic Monday!

P.s. It was monday yesterday when I was type this but didn't get back on last night to finish it up. lol you know how it is~
Wow-where did the weekend go? Ugh! my plan to scrapping was interrupt by numerous things. I never got to do what I wanted to do over the weekend. However, this morning I had a chance to complete one layout for this challenge from Sassy Lil' Sketches (I wasn't able to upload to their site on time yesterday due to numerous interruptions): there was four elements that need to be added to this sketch:
1. group of three
2. Make a mess: ink, paint, etc
3. lace
4. add texture (embossing)
Here is my layout: Sorry for bad picture as it is very deary here. I use SU blue cardstock, moon and star PP for background, then i went thur my scraps stash and 10 squares to go around the pictures. I didn't put any in middle as the pictures would cover up the gap. then I use my cricut: home decor for dream cloud (you can't see it but i written sweet above the dream), new arrival for moon, animal kindgom for lamb border (I am planning to purchase PK face stamps), and star punch for three stars for banner. I didn't journal as the title said it all for me.
the second challenge was Jitterbug sketch ( ): Let's talk Turkey! here is my take.
Clean-up is still in progress. Haven't gotten far since the last posted. Well, off to get something done. lol
thanks for reading!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Great day to scrap!

Good morning all, I'm currently working on my photos organization on computer. going thur using fix red eyes, and putting tags on it then will back up to my flashdrive in case harddrive crashes (knock on wood). doing one folder at a time should done this before lol Anyhow, I was cleaning up and reorgaizing my basket that has incomplete layouts that need journaling. I find my son's umbical cord. However in middle of cleaning, I lost that and now cna't find it. I looked everywhere. :( I am refusing to vaccum until i find it I looked on floor, in garabage can, everywhere where i think it might be and nana some elf must of came and got it. lol I'm hoping I will find it while i continue to clean. It can't be lost forever right. so I've couple challenges I am going to try this weekend to work on but we'll see. It is hard to get to room when I can. My daughter is refusing to take nap. She is not even two yet. back to work.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What's on your Workdesk Wednesday?

I've been reading everyone's posts on what's on your workdesk Wednesday that I decided to join in. Currently, I'm in middle of cleaning up and orgainizing. I found these storage box at Wal-mart and thought it would be perfect to hold my small projects as I tend to multi-task. Here is picture of storage box with one of my projects I so need to finish. lol I'm planning to purchase more of these storage boxes. so loving them. Now I just need to find a shelving unit to store them. I have the design in mind but just finding them online is another story. Join in the fun of What's on your Workdesk Wednesday? by going to this blog who started:

Monday, November 8, 2010

New look to blog

hi, all Yes i did change it from halloween to this one. I try to find some thanksgiving template and came across this which I love. However, I did lost some of my widgets. oh, well. lol I'm going to update a few things to it. here is my before pictures of scraproom: as you can see i have several projects and mess all around. lol Yesterday, I was able to finish at three projects and clean up by putting papers away, reorangized next projects I will be working on. etc. I also made a list of what i need to purchase next month. This month we are saving for Black friday, My first time shopping on black friday where I wasn't working. lol I used to work at Wal-mart as cashier then floor assistant. It was fun to watch people grabing those specials. WE were always told to hid back so no one run you down. I remember one time there was a lady wearing roll skate. She flew by us. Teh following year manager made her take it off due to safety. lol what would people do?Sorry i was rambling. As you can see i have made some progress. Yes, I'm using my daughter's little table for now. As she is using it to climb over gate, she can't ahve in her playroom. lol my little ape love to climb. i'm not sure if i will be in my scraproom to play as i'm going over to viist my friend for day. Thanks for reading.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Work in Progess Part 3

Hi, all
My sweetie decided to take our daughter down to his mom's house for day. He must have knew i wanted a scrappy day. I'm home alone with our son which he is napping in his swing. I was able to cross couple things off my list:
1. Recipe Swap-done and ready to be mail tomorrow
2. Clean-up still going on--i keep doing things to complete the projects.
3. Two Jitterbug Challenges completed:
First one is Wise Guy:
A sketch was optional in this challenge. So i created my own sketch. I use the cuttlebug owl to emboss and i flip the paper backward that the owl is on left. I love the look it gaves. I use the green halloween paper from the previous card project as the base of card. A Circle and square was require to be on this card so the circle became the moon made by the mini monogram cricut and mist with Java and walnut ink. The sentiment was a scrappy cat stamp using Stampin up more mustard ink. I use square brad for the square. I love how this has turn out.
Up the tree:
I turn the sketch sideway that it flip up. I use a golden yellow for my card base then I add Autumn saying (DMCW ?) mat on top of the mat I made as I did with moon. then I use Autum Leaves stamp (oval tag) to illustrate a tree branch coming in. then the bird was cut out from animal kingdom cricut. I use three layer to make it stand out. The corner was made with Martha Steward corner punch--one of my fav tools. I really like how this turn out.
I will updated more. I'm trying not to create more projects until i finish all the other projects i have going.
I also jog some ideas down for christmas gifts that I will need to get started. ugh. Time is flying by. thanks for reading!

Work in Progress Part 2

Hi, all
Here is updated:
1. Recipe cards completed: will be mail out on Monday.
2. Still working on the cleaning up part- I did put all my scraps put away. now need to clean my black desk, top of washer, the cabinet beside folding table and the floor( vacuum time). lol
3. in between all of the cleaning, I'm start the jitterbug challenges. will post later today.
4.Happy Mail!! Yesterday, I received a huge package of happy mail from Cathy (two peas). She was selling her pattern paper and I ordered a box. I told her to surprise me. I think she was nervous in doing that. I opened the package and absolutely love all the papers she send. I will posted picture later once i cleaned my table off to spread this goodies. lol
5. three projects for a challenge--not due until Nov. 14 so i have time to finish this Already started on one layout.
yes, I do multitask. lol that why i have so many projects i need to go back and complete.
6. birthday albums-still on hold planning to do the pictures printing then finish the rest of layouts. already have in my head how i want to finish it.
7. Photo organizing--going to set up my tags and go thur most recent one and work my way backward tagging the picture and reorganizing how i scrap. I tend to do it yearly then monthly. for example,
Amber's birth
Monthly pictures of Amber
Specific theme:
I think you get the ideas. I also have two flash drive I used as my backup. In June, when we move, we got cable Internet. Well, it wouldn't load onto our hard drive. We had wireless Internet and it was working fine. We couldn't figure out why this was problem. so my sweetie took it to get it check out. We had virus that wouldn't let us load our Internet. so I lost all of my pictures but I was smart. I also back up over at my mom's house to upload to Snapfish as I couldn't at home bc of wireless Internet. You are only allow so many megabytes which add up pretty quickly. I love our cable Internet. I can be on it as long as i want and not worry about the bill going to be 200 dollars. Yes, that how much i was paying for wireless Internet so not worth it. Just for me to get on do my email, and banking. I couldn't even surf if i wanted too. Sorry I'm rambling. lol
Here is the Stuffed Pepper Soup:
1 1/2 lbs hamburger(cooked and drained)
then Add and mix:
3 cups diced peppers ( I used red peppers as green peppers give me heartburn)
1 can 28 oz. diced peeled tomatoes
1 can 28 oz tomato sauce
1 can 14 oz beef broth
1/2 cup brown sugar
Cook 2 cups white rice, then add to the soup mix.
season to taste and boil to simmer for 30 minutes.
I did add little more beef broth as my soup got thick while simmer. I also add country herb mix that i gotten at dollar store. It was so good with Italian bread.
well, that's it for now. Just waiting for my sweetie to wake up so i can go into my scraproom and work on this list. Until next time.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Work in Progress

Hi, all I'm running behind on my list. I wasn't feeling well for past couple of days. Here is my list to do: 1. Recipe Swap There is two recipes I'm making: French Roll Bread and Crockpot Potato Soup. the bread recipe are completly finish. I finish them up last night after running to Wal-mart to get adehesive. I so need to stock up. I'm hoping to next month. Tonight I will finish the crockpot Potato Soup. I will post pictures tomorrow. I need to finish these to mail out tomorrow in time for the due date. 2. Clean up from all the mess. lol before continuing on next project 3. I need to catch up on Jitterbug challenges 4. Currently working on three different projects for this challenge.I won't be able to post until after they posted the results. 5. I need to finish birthday albums. 6. I so need to organizes my photos into Picsa by tags. I will start with recent and work my way back. Last night, I finally got to make Stuffed Pepper Soup that my friend gave me. Oh, my god it is so good. It was great to make for a rainy day. I had my sweetie to go to store to get italian bread to dip in. I will post the recipe later today. Thats about it for now until next post. Thanks for reading!