Monday, November 8, 2010

New look to blog

hi, all Yes i did change it from halloween to this one. I try to find some thanksgiving template and came across this which I love. However, I did lost some of my widgets. oh, well. lol I'm going to update a few things to it. here is my before pictures of scraproom: as you can see i have several projects and mess all around. lol Yesterday, I was able to finish at three projects and clean up by putting papers away, reorangized next projects I will be working on. etc. I also made a list of what i need to purchase next month. This month we are saving for Black friday, My first time shopping on black friday where I wasn't working. lol I used to work at Wal-mart as cashier then floor assistant. It was fun to watch people grabing those specials. WE were always told to hid back so no one run you down. I remember one time there was a lady wearing roll skate. She flew by us. Teh following year manager made her take it off due to safety. lol what would people do?Sorry i was rambling. As you can see i have made some progress. Yes, I'm using my daughter's little table for now. As she is using it to climb over gate, she can't ahve in her playroom. lol my little ape love to climb. i'm not sure if i will be in my scraproom to play as i'm going over to viist my friend for day. Thanks for reading.


Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

So I wasn't imagining things about your blog design! Whew. I avoid the stores on Black Friday. Too scary for me, lol.

Tracy said...

Living in Canada we don't have the sales like you do. But I do have a friend that goes over the border for the sales.
Love the brightness of your room. Mine is in the basement with no windows