Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Organize Your Stuff: Week 1 round 4

Space Audit

I just recently purchase a five shelf unit to put in a closet that is in room. I took out my black desk out to family room so I could do some work while I’m out there. So I had more room to move around here. I’m trying to set up stations—as cutting area, die cut/cricut area, stampin area, and an area to go thur things from shelf, etc. I also need to be realitic as we might be moving in fall if things go as planned. crossing fingers. .. so I want to use things that is easily transferrable to other house.

Embellishment organization:

Organize by colors and theme-this is how I have scrapped for few years. However I’m going to further organize by put all different embellishment in color bins which will help reduce the time in searching for that perfect embellishment all in one spot.

I need to figure out what types of storage I want to do this in. haven’t figured it out yet.

I need to further organize my brads, flowers and ribbons by colors as they got jumble when I moved the last time.

Photo Selection:

I love my CM mini photo boxes—so sad they’re discontinued them. Currently I have my daughter’s pictures file in order by dates. I still need to get the last 1.5 years printed and start my son’s pictures as well. They are currently on computer that needs to be organize and retag as well as back up to the flashdrive.

Paper Organization:

They are in vertical cropper hopper sorted by color then theme. I need to purchase more as I have separate holders for stampin up and bazzill. And Need to reorganization as some of them got mix up as we moved the last time.


I have two binders that I need to purge as I don’t use them much since I used sketches more so. I need to make a new binder for Allison Davis sketches and a file type for possible use of sketches from other sites.

Access to basic tools:

I want to use my cricut and die cut machine more so I’m trying to find a good spot that is out in open.

I have turnabout for my basic tools which I loved.

My large cutter is on cabinet for when I’m standing and small trimmer is on table for when I’m sitting

Stamps Organization:

? still in works currently everywhere. My ink pads are in drawer which I don’t like bc I have to stop and put ink out of what I needs. I used to have them in old cassette (?) holder so I’m going to put them back in them and put it on shelf. We rent so I didn’t want to put any more holes in wall. Lol

I think that all I can think of..

On side note--haven't been able to work on the room as we went out monday to friend's house then came home late. then daughter woke me up at 10pm she threw up and was sick  then tuesday was taking care of her and making sure she had plenty of fluid. Today she is doing much better--back to herself.  Maybe I can get in there after I do soem house cleaning first. I have a list of spring cleaning I'm trying to tackle. mmm we're see. lol Sorry for the rambling..
Thanks for reading..

Monday, March 28, 2011

3 New layouts

Good Morning, Sorry I have been MIA--I have been under the weather plus having a stressful week with many things happening. Things has calm down over the weekend. I was able to finally finished all five of layouts I have chose to work on for past two weeks. lol It doesn't take me this long to work on them. 

 Here is the picture of candy I received from Marivic-(Berry71bleu).  She is having a March Challenge this month that will end on 31st--all about vintage. I'm hoping to work on this myself. I have a perfect picture and papers to work on it. Hope you guys will join- bc her blog candy is so cool.

Outfit of Day
When I was working on this layout, that flower eyelet that I received was so perfect for this layout. It was funny because I was going thur my stash trying to find that perfect embellishment.
this is my daughter's outfit of day--I have receive so many clothes that I try to put them on her each day.  She was growing like a weed that some of outfit never made it on her. lol I just love the spongebob cartridge so perfect for all the layouts I am using them on. all papers are from stampin up--

Look Who's Talking!

I love these pictures of her cooing. It was the first day she started cooing away to me. the lite blue base page is bazzill (i think). the flower paper came from AC Moore paper pad that was in my stash forever. I cut them 3 by 3 and round corners only at two opposite ends. the two shade of cardstock came from my stash.  the flower embellishment came from Marivic. I knew I had some blue blower sticker but i couldn't find them. Either I have given them away or already use them. lol don't you hate that when u think you have it and can't find it. 

 There are pictures taken at professional studios. Papers from Stampin up, except white cardstock from my stash. I use two different stamps emboss in black emboss power. then ink with red riding hood around edge.  The embellishment cluster was from stash that I either collected or given thur swaps, etc. 

Yesterday I focus on cleaning and putting stuffs away.  I'm entering the Organizing your stuff challenge round 4 thur Two peas. I so need after working on these layouts I need to be able to find stuffs and not look for specific items. I'm excite about this.  I already went thur three boxes I had sitting on the floor that need to be look at and I did that yesterday.  I'm also putting like items together for now then will work on them as the challenge progress. I haven't work on project 12 layout yet and not sure if I will get to it today as it is due today. lol oh, well at least i have a sketch when i get a chance. My goal is to work on layouts for fun and not stress on deadlines.  Well, I'm off to do more cleaning in the scraproom. Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Versatile Blogger Awardf

Today Becky from Fourth House on the Right has given me this award. Thank you, Becky!
I'm suppose to pass this along to 15 bloggers and tell 7 things about myself.
so first--7 things about myself:
1.  I can't wait for Spring to start walking and taking pictures of all the pretty things.
2.  I love to be organize but I'm not... lol
3. I love to buy pretty things to decorate!
4. I always look for bargins--they make me so happy!
5. I have a dream garden that I want to create and plant.  just have to wait...
6. I love to go on yard sales!!
7. I love to create...

On the right handed side, I have listed 15 bloggers for this award--so if you have a chance, check out their awesome blogs. 

On side note, I'm still working on the layouts. I'm hoping to post them tonight along with an awesome candy I receive from Marivic-(Berry71bleu). She is having a March challenge, if interest check it out.  thank for reading.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Check out what Imaginisce Design teams came up with the cutest St Patrick's Day cards and if you don't have Give a Hoot in your collection then hop over to the Imaginisce blog today as they are giving away this cute little Cartridge full of fun forest critters and creatures.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What's on Your Workdesk? Wednesday 93

Wow, It has been a busy few weeks since I lasted posted for What's on your workdesk Wednesday... Currently this is what I'm working on..a layout that I'm stuck on however I think I have find a perfect title for this layout then I will be done yeah.

Here is the three layouts I have finish from my 16 preplanned stack that was sitting in my basket for while.

New Year Layout
the ATC tag was from a swap I did in 2009 which i thought was perfect. I use the colors of for this layout of my sweet girl.  2009 title came from graphic speaking and embellish with rhinestones.  I happen to have that ribbon (Halloween from Walmart) to tie it all together. 

sorry blogger won't let me fix it--i wanted to show you the butterfly that was ruin. When I receive this from a giveaway, I thought it was awesome because I had alot of layouts to use these on however as you can see some of it came off before i had a chance to.

Here is a close up--this is what I did I rub the half body of butterfly and trim other half and move antenna up closer then I add the bling as part of body.  the words beautiful daughter was from this rubon that i just add them together.  I love it how it turns out. then I print my journalings on a perscenlant paper (from Walmart). the dot paper came from K&C paper stack.

First Food Layout
This was done at a crop in 2009 (grasp)--Yep that how long it was sitting in my basket. lol
I made a booboo on the date so this is how I fixed it and plus it needed somthing else.  

Here I cut the bowl~~From my kitchen cartridge. I use papers from my stash. then I used my stampin up punch oval shape (sorry can't remember what it called) and print the correct date on it.  I love how it turns out.

Baby Girl Layout
the background paper I had in my stash forever.  I used Stampin' up Stamp~ Baby Girl~ try to emboss it with clear but it didn't quite work the way i wanted too. lol   add my journals.  on both pages--the first page is me holding her for the first time and second page is me feeding her for first time.

Let me know if you like the pictures--I took them in a new place using natural lightnings which some of them did show true colorings and some was dark.  I'm still working on that.  I am planning to buy Otti light but right now I'm on budget so it will have to wait. I have to admit I haven't done any cleaning or ogranzing in the room but I'm hoping to get into that this weekend. I've made a list of what I want to accomplishment in each area. I'm doing it in small stages as I have alot. lol I so wish i could take it all out of room and bring each things in one at time but can't. so I will make do. I'm off to read others around the world so if you wanna travel, head on over to Julia's blog....

Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Plan today

Currently I'm have this pre-plan piles that consist of what layouts I want to create. I'm planning to go thur and jot down notes of what need to be done then I will work on them this week. As I did a quick look, I have notices that few of incompleted layouts exist in this pile. lol It never went into my other basket but that is ok. lol Next step is to make a chart of my pictures files so I can work on each of them to edit in pisca, get rid of blurry pictures, and then upload to shutterfly for development. I'm so behind in getting the pictures develop. I'm still debating on how i want to store my pictures. Currently, I have them in CM mini power sort box but CM no longer carry them. I don't like the large box as I find them to be too bulky for me. I'm thinking about LOM system by Stacy Julian but not sure on that. so no clue here. lol on side note, I decide to make a card for fun-I was inspired by Tuesday Tigger of using yellow, white with splash of bright pink for my card. I picked a pig for the wacky wed--zoo theme. I left it blank as to have in my stash for when i'll need a card to send.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Stylish Blogger Awards

Becky and Mary Pat both award me this:
Thanks guys~~please head over to their blogs and check out their stuffs. They're awesome!

I've to tell 8 things about myself:
  1. I love my sleep!
  2. I love spring and fall! Both are my favorites season.
  3. I love to travel and sightseeing. 
  4. I'm working on my etsy shop (trying to but not enough time in day to create while taking care of kids)
  5. I love my kids!
  6. I love buying organization containers etc to organize everything. lol
  7. I need to take more pictures of myself. I am often the one who taking the pictures. I'm going to accept others' taking pictures and hope for best. lol
  8. I love baskets!!
I have so many fav blogs that it really hard to pick just 8:  -- I just love using up old stash instead of letting them collect dust it has really spark my layouts and looking at old things with new eyes. --I just love looking at other people's inspirations in using up their stash. --love her postings always make me laugh --love her artworks --love her works such inspiration pieces  --so wish i could make cards like her --love her sketches for 4x6  --love reading her friday favorites

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Project 2011 - End of February accounting

Thanks everyone for well wishes! I hate when that happens it really slow my scrapping time. I'm participating in a Scrap our stash challenge sponsored by Lala's World blog. You can sign up month-by-month, so take a look if you're interested in participating. I was planning to do 15 layouts for month of February. I only did two page layouts.  This month was fill with flu from everyone including me. ugh not so fun! Looking forward to March to achieve what i need done. 
My Feb goals were:

1. Reorganize my scrap room and purge things i won't use still working on this!

I didn't work on the brads sorting but I did redid my closet in the scrap room.
continue on working. 

2. Finish all the unfinished layouts I have in a pile
I'm finished all the unfinished layouts. My plan is to work on the preplanned baskets that need to start and finish.

3. Finish my Dec Daily--just need to get pictures and journals printed out still haven't finish was put on hold
haven't touch this.

4. Upload pictures to shutterfly and get them print for Dec Daily and unfinished layouts put on hold for now hoping to order this month.  done with uploading and order early this month with special.  my plan is to upload a new stack and get them develop.

New March Goals:

1. Reorganize the room
purchase the require containers need for this room. I'm now sorting some of things in pile for easier to purge as I go thru them. i never realize how much stuffs i have lol

2. Work on my pre-plan layouts that are in the basket

I have about 15 preplanned layouts in this basket that I want to complete.

3. Work on Dec Daily Project
need to get start on it and complete it this month

4. Work on Birthday Album Projects
Pictures are in just need to embellish and journals

I'm still redesign my blog working on few things here and there. lol It still not the way i wanted I'm hoping by end of month it will be how I want it.  Thanks for baring wth the changes.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Updated on Scraproom Redo

I posted this picture Feb 19th that I am redoing this cloest. Well, I was able to clean it out and set up the shelf before kiddies woke up from their nap. I wasn't able to get back in as Sunday morning I woke up with stomach flu--not fun.  So this past two weeks I've been sick and trying to feel better. I was able to do some here and there as I could muster up some energy.  Here is what cloest look like today.  I've made a list of what I need to purchase to further maximum my space here.  I will add more details once I complete them all. Thanks for looking.


February Counterfeit Kit

Counterfeit Kit Challenge
I was inspired by this prima flower as my color guide.

Recently I have won a giveaway from Create, Sharing, Inspire blog:

When I saw the kit, i knew i wanted to include this giveaway as my inspiration kit.

Here is the goodies that was in that tin! Isn't it pretty!

I then added cardstocks in shiny teal that would match the colors of the kit. I added three different kinds of journal spots, rubon words that match colors and various embellishments.  I already have specific layout to use this kit.  I have include a white emboss cardstock that was in my stash forever. lol and the 6 months jounrnal tag   is include. I'm hoping to work on this either today or in couple days.

Please scroll down to look at my Project 12 layout. Thanks for reading.

Project 12 -Jan Sketch

Here is my take on Project 12. I really like how this turns out. I work on this here and there through the month. I use Stampin'up papers, red ribbon came from $1 Target, leaves buttons from my stash, CTMH leaves stamp to make my leave paper and playing leaves stamp-emboss in black. Here is some close up details:

Looking forward to working on Feb Sketch--Thanks for looking.