Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Project 2011 - End of February accounting

Thanks everyone for well wishes! I hate when that happens it really slow my scrapping time. I'm participating in a Scrap our stash challenge sponsored by Lala's World blog. You can sign up month-by-month, so take a look if you're interested in participating. I was planning to do 15 layouts for month of February. I only did two page layouts.  This month was fill with flu from everyone including me. ugh not so fun! Looking forward to March to achieve what i need done. 
My Feb goals were:

1. Reorganize my scrap room and purge things i won't use still working on this!

I didn't work on the brads sorting but I did redid my closet in the scrap room.
continue on working. 

2. Finish all the unfinished layouts I have in a pile
I'm finished all the unfinished layouts. My plan is to work on the preplanned baskets that need to start and finish.

3. Finish my Dec Daily--just need to get pictures and journals printed out still haven't finish was put on hold
haven't touch this.

4. Upload pictures to shutterfly and get them print for Dec Daily and unfinished layouts put on hold for now hoping to order this month.  done with uploading and order early this month with special.  my plan is to upload a new stack and get them develop.

New March Goals:

1. Reorganize the room
purchase the require containers need for this room. I'm now sorting some of things in pile for easier to purge as I go thru them. i never realize how much stuffs i have lol

2. Work on my pre-plan layouts that are in the basket

I have about 15 preplanned layouts in this basket that I want to complete.

3. Work on Dec Daily Project
need to get start on it and complete it this month

4. Work on Birthday Album Projects
Pictures are in just need to embellish and journals

I'm still redesign my blog working on few things here and there. lol It still not the way i wanted I'm hoping by end of month it will be how I want it.  Thanks for baring wth the changes.


Becky said...

I always love how you post your list and your progress on it! Good thing is, spring is coming and that m means nice weather and good health!

Kim said...

Congrats on using up and accomplishing stuff on your to do list! Have a GREAT Day,
Me-Ma Kim

Denise said...

I feel for you girl!! It seems like this summer is really hitting people hard! Seems like everyone keeps getting sick :((( Love how goal oriented you are! I hope everyone feels fabulous this month and you get some more playtime!

madebyKarla said...

Love scraproom redos. Please show us some pics. I always get some good ideas ;)

Dawn said...

Hey1 I just wanted you to know that you won the stamp set on my blog. :) Please head over there and email me your mailing address.