Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Organize Your Stuff: Week 1 round 4

Space Audit

I just recently purchase a five shelf unit to put in a closet that is in room. I took out my black desk out to family room so I could do some work while I’m out there. So I had more room to move around here. I’m trying to set up stations—as cutting area, die cut/cricut area, stampin area, and an area to go thur things from shelf, etc. I also need to be realitic as we might be moving in fall if things go as planned. crossing fingers. .. so I want to use things that is easily transferrable to other house.

Embellishment organization:

Organize by colors and theme-this is how I have scrapped for few years. However I’m going to further organize by put all different embellishment in color bins which will help reduce the time in searching for that perfect embellishment all in one spot.

I need to figure out what types of storage I want to do this in. haven’t figured it out yet.

I need to further organize my brads, flowers and ribbons by colors as they got jumble when I moved the last time.

Photo Selection:

I love my CM mini photo boxes—so sad they’re discontinued them. Currently I have my daughter’s pictures file in order by dates. I still need to get the last 1.5 years printed and start my son’s pictures as well. They are currently on computer that needs to be organize and retag as well as back up to the flashdrive.

Paper Organization:

They are in vertical cropper hopper sorted by color then theme. I need to purchase more as I have separate holders for stampin up and bazzill. And Need to reorganization as some of them got mix up as we moved the last time.


I have two binders that I need to purge as I don’t use them much since I used sketches more so. I need to make a new binder for Allison Davis sketches and a file type for possible use of sketches from other sites.

Access to basic tools:

I want to use my cricut and die cut machine more so I’m trying to find a good spot that is out in open.

I have turnabout for my basic tools which I loved.

My large cutter is on cabinet for when I’m standing and small trimmer is on table for when I’m sitting

Stamps Organization:

? still in works currently everywhere. My ink pads are in drawer which I don’t like bc I have to stop and put ink out of what I needs. I used to have them in old cassette (?) holder so I’m going to put them back in them and put it on shelf. We rent so I didn’t want to put any more holes in wall. Lol

I think that all I can think of..

On side note--haven't been able to work on the room as we went out monday to friend's house then came home late. then daughter woke me up at 10pm she threw up and was sick  then tuesday was taking care of her and making sure she had plenty of fluid. Today she is doing much better--back to herself.  Maybe I can get in there after I do soem house cleaning first. I have a list of spring cleaning I'm trying to tackle. mmm we're see. lol Sorry for the rambling..
Thanks for reading..


Becky said...

Good luck on tackling this project, I always see it posted on Two Peas and think about doing it but never do. Glad your daughter is feeling better today :)

Rhonda Emery said...

glad to hear your daughter is feeling better. I need you to email me something a hi whatever so I will have your email addi. my husband accidentily erased all mine. hugs

Karen said...

Hi Michele, I cant wait to come back and read this! I am trying to catch up after being sick, I do want to tell you that I have an award for you over at my blog, so come by and pick it up! karen<3