Monday, October 22, 2012

WEEK 6 Organize Your Stuff (round 6): Photos

this past week has been focusing on photos-prints and digital.

I mainly focus on my prints this week to get them organize by year then monthly.  I created a filing tab dividers with my cricut then use them to sort photos by year.  Then I will use Stacey Julian journaling box to add date and journals on those photos. this will take me awhile to work. I will do them in small batch each day.

For my digital, they are organize by year then monthly. I also have two folders of 5x7 and 8x10 so i can upload them when i want certain pictures in those size. I'm also creating a sheet to mark which folder I have done such as edit, upload, prints and add journals and date to put in box. This way i know what is done and prevent any duplicates. 
this week organize  your stuff will be focusing on Ideas.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Organize Your Stuff Challenge (round 6): Week 5-Scraps Update

Hello all,

Last week it was all about Scraps--I had tons of scraps I wasn't using enough in the way i was storing them.

My old system was this:

At first I had use this for few  years but now it just wasn't working for me as I don't think about going there first to see what I have to use on layout plus 6x12 don't fit here. 

I also had tons of additional scraps in various places--boxes, basket wherever I can store them... I went and gather them all up and put them in this box:

After sorting and purging tons of them, I ended up with this:

I recently purchase pre-plan cropper hoppers for my planning layouts however I decide to use them for my scraps--because they have two half pocket on either side to store smaller pieces so they don't get lost. I thought Perfect...
here it is all done--sorted by colors, I have couple empty pockets that I'm planning to use for my project kits to store any leftover scraps.  I'm still looking for smaller container to store these as this container is little too big for those pages. I'm really happy with this and I already find it is working for me as I can just pull one of color group out and go thur to use on layouts or cards.  

this week is focus on Photos-Prints and Digital.  Thanks for reading!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Twins Layouts--Monthly milestones.

I'm  finish the rest of layouts for the twins--I participate in a hop couple months ago. she is having a boy and girl!  here is the previous five layouts that I did shown:

Here is the rest of them:

Six months 

 Seven Months
Eight months
Nine months
Ten months
Eleven months
Twelve months

I really love how many of them turns out that in fact I using some of them for my albums. Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Organize Your Stuff Challenge (round 6): Week 4-Papers and Week 5-Scraps

hello, all

I'm slowly catching up on some things...

Update on Week 4-Papers
This past Sunday, I finish all the sorting, purging and organizing these papers.  I put label on them not just for me but if i have someone over to scrapbook with so they know where paper is where.  I have my paper organize like this for couple of years. I have determine to make some of these papers be used, no longer holding on for that special projects as i have find that there is always more pretty papers to fell in love with. lol

 all labels--

this week is all about scraps--any papers you may have laying around which I have alot...

 this is not all of my scraps. I decided to focus on these two piles above not to overwhelm myself this week. 

this picture is my purge stash that i will be donating.  so excited to have these papers out as i know i won't use them. 

I'll be back tomorrow to further show you what I did with these scraps...