Saturday, April 30, 2011

Project 2011--End of Apirl Accounting

Well, my progress are still slow with illness, holidays, and others... I'm still trying to catch up. I may need to change my strategy to meet my goals more.

My April goals were:

1. Reorganize the room
Receive my CH paper pouches and complete this challenge. right now I'm working on my scraps pile, sorting, cutting and putting them in my scrap drawers.
This coming Sunday is working on photos--I'm still debating on how to do my photos on computers. I back my pictures onto flash drive. planning to upload them to shutterfly to get them print. so I'm working on this.

2. Work on my pre-plan layouts that are in the basket
I finished my vacation swap. Just waiting for them to return as I forget to take pictures of my layouts I did. will post once I get them back. 

Currently working on two pages layout--my pregnant belly for daughter's album

still have 14 more to do extra I find when i cleaning so going to recount. lol

3. Work on Dec Daily Project
still havent' even look at this yet--just doesn't feel like Christmas to me now. lol

4. Work on Birthday Album Projects
plan to work on this next week for Easter gift that is my goal.
Pictures are in just need to embellish and journal
didn't happen

5. Mother's day gifts--making cards then will need to upload prints for little brag books I'm making

These goals will continue on for May.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Organize Your Stuff: Week 4 Round 4 Papers

Hello, all
this past week I've been working on my papers for the orgainize your stuff challenge on Two peas.  I didn't realize how much papers I had accumalated. lol  I recently purchase these smaller CH paper pouches to sort my themes and holiday.  then I also pruge whatever I didn't want anymore.

 Here is after the sorting and purging.  I still have a few more but won't take long to file them. Then I will start working on my scraps for week 5.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Thank you, Rhonda from Scrap Happens. Please visit her blog-she make wonderful minialbum...

now eight things about myself.
Let see I have to tell 8 things about myself:
1. I can be bitchy if I don't get enough sleep. lol
2. I love love my coffee (:( but don't know if I can afford if the price keeps jumping)
3. I hate to clean really I do
4. I love trying new recipes.
5. I love flowers all kind just my allegery don't agree with them.
6. My fav flower is tulips.
7. My mom's fav is lilic.  Every year I try to get her a new bush for her garden. Haven't been able to in past two years bc of budget. plus :( someone mow off the last one I gave her.
8.  I did not start in cardmaking when I discover scrapbooking. I actually did scrapbooking first then cards. For some reasons, I have a hard time making cards then layout. go figure. lol
I suppose to pass on to 8 bloggers:

Happy Easter!

sorry to be mia for while. I should be able to blog everyday lol both kiddos are doing so much better. I ended up taking my daughter to doc on monday as she also had ear infection. Both are doing so much better. I however am feeling under the weather this past week but starting to feel better. I have a few posts to post so will do that either later today or tomorrow.

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter and for though who don't, Have a wonderful sunday with your friends and family. I'll be back later with another post.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blog Hop Winner

I used and it gaves me a 3.
the winner of giveaway is Darlene. 

Darlene said...

very cute! so sweet. good luck with the sick kiddies.
desaucier at bellsouth dot net
April 15, 2011 5:21 AM

 I have send you an email to send me your address.  I want to thanks everyone for becoming  followers. I had so much fun doing this blog hop and hope to do another one soon. Both of my kiddos are doing so much better. I'm off to check out my commentors' blogs. Thanks again, Rhonda for inviting me to be your guest.

Friday, April 15, 2011

It's a Basket Case Blog Hop

Welcome to the It's a Basket Case Blog Hop

If you came from Audery's, then you are in the right spot. If you happen to come upon my blog first, go to Rhonda's at start of this blog Hop. There are 20 talented bloggers in this hop.  I wanted to say Thank you to Rhonda for asking me to be a guest for her first blog hop.  I'm so excited.

I've a rough week with two babies who are sick. I however was able to finish this quick project for you.

I used Tags, box, and more cartridge for popcorn box at 5 1/2 then I printed a rabbit face onto pink cardstock  I just used my stampin up pink to color the inside of ear and whisker spot. then I trim it and glue to front of the box. On the back of box, she has a pink cotton tail made from yarn. I find utube to make my own pompom. I glue it to the back of box.  Add shredded paper for whisker and there you have it a bunny treat box.  i hope you enjoy it.  Below is the list who is participating in the blog hop, if you get lost on the way, you can come back and check on the list. 

I have a small giveaway: Stamping Up eyelet border punch.

Please become a follower if you would like. It is not require for the giveaway. Please leave a way for me to contract you if you are winner.  It is open for everyone.  I will pick winner on Apirl 17th, 2011.  Thanks for visiting, please head to  for her awesome basket...

"It's a Basket Case" Blog Hop (April 15-16)!! Here's a list of the ladies participating... Start HERE...

Amy's Scrapping, cardmaking, and living with fibro

Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's a Basket Case Blog Hop Reminder

Tomorrw Rhonda is hosting this blog hop and had asked me to join along.  There will be 20 of us for htis blog. Make sure to come back tomorrow to see what we did for this hop.  I will be having a small giveaway for this blog hop. I'm off to work on more projects but first taking care of my sick kiddos. so not fun. See you guys tomorrow.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Project 2011--End of March Accounting

Where did March go? I feels like I'm behind and I am trying to catch up...
I'm participating in a Scrap our stash challenge sponsored by Lala's World blog. You can sign up month-by-month, so take a look if you're interested in participating.

My March Goals were:

1. Reorganize the room

I just purchase more cropper hoppers from Two peas. so i just waiting for them to come in. Sunday I'm planning to go thur my paper. I'm doing Orgainze your stuffs challenge on two peas.
2. Work on my pre-plan layouts that are in the basket
did five then took a break from them. I'm working on vacation swap projects right now so that will be add  after I'm finish with them.

still have 15 more to do yet...

3. Work on Dec Daily Project
Havent' even look at this yet--just doesn't feel like christmas to me now. lol
4. Work on Birthday Album Projects
plan to work on this next week for easter gift that is my goal.
Pictures are in just need to embellish and journal

5. Mother's day gift

These goals will contiue on for Apirl.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Organize Your Stuff: Week 2 round 4


Question of the week: do you think the size of your stash affects your creativity?

For me, it is not the size, not able to find what I’m looking for that affects my creativity. If I’m in middle of designing a layout, then I want to look for embellishment I know I have but can’t find it, that what kills it. So by further organizing my stash as well as purging what I won’t use I can use up what I have and purchase what I need when planning my pages.

Scrap Fairy Vision:

Great lighting, openness, a lot of counter space to spread out. Available tools out when I need them and ability to clean up quickly and put away at end of night. Love to have a moderate size island to spread my projects out, have stations set up along wall, tv and internet access.

Picture of my room (Current): I have some things in boxes for sorting.  I have a hard time purging things because you just never know you might need it. lol but I'm going to work on this.  the layout of room will remain the same.  I just need to fine tune some of area as the weeks progress.

off to do some cleaning and hopefully to finish some of projects today in scrap room. Also need to make my errand list for tomorrow which first thing is to get my glass fix as my sweet little girl decide to play with my glass and broke the arm off. mmmm what am I'm going to do with this girl? lol lol