Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Alexandra of Art, Scrap and More is doing a major giveaway at her blog. Just look at all the stuff she’s so generously giving away. Check it out!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Organize your stuff: round 4 Week 7 and 8 Progress Repeort

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Good morning,

sorry to be MIA this past week as I have a sick toddler with severe stomach flu again. ugh plus I got it too but feeling much better today. However, my toddler doesn't want to eat applesauce, or chicken soup to make her tummy better. ugh anyone got tips? lol she is getting hard to feed. She was never a picky eater when she was baby but she is beginning to be one. no clue why.

Anyway, progress report on week 7: Ideas. I did purge my magazines from the last round I did here. so I still have a small stash that I kept. I haven't brought anymore as I was being disappoint with the quality of magazine as I pay alot for advertisement kinda sense instead of layouts and stories. I turned to the Internet for my inspirations. I have two binders for Pagemap and Allison Davis sketches. I'm currently working on my third binder for ideas I have save onto to my computer then print to paper. I don't really sort them by cards or layouts as I probably should but I tend to use it for inspirations if I get struck on layout or just want to browse. Now with pintrest, I will be using that more and reduce the paper waste (going green here lol) I'm still working on this. I haven't been able to with sick kiddo.

For week 8: Projects, unfinished pages, and kits

I have purchased project boxes from walmart-
I have three main projects store here.--Dec Daily 2010 and two birthday albums.

the unfinished pages are in cropper hopper with dividers for each album-Amber's Baby, Caleb's baby, and miscellaneous (yearly albums)

Kits-I don't scribe to kits but i have a few that i have made myself they are currently store in page protectors.

the last picture of my little boy-9 months starting to crawl on his knee instead of army crawl. lol so adorable.  Next is working on embellishments for week 9.  Thanks for reading.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Organize Your Stuff: Week 4 , 5 and 6 Progress Report

I use the grey basket to store my leftover scraps when working on projects. When I finish the projects, I will sort and purge. After sorting I will put them in my colors bins as posted in second drawer. I try once a month to go thur them and further cut them into sizes or purge and donate leftover scraps to keep it manageable.   The paper are organized by colors and themes.  I have two holders for stampin up-solid and pattern papers.  the rest are mixed brands--they are sorted by color then by Plain, textured and pattern paper.  I tend to scrap by colors and this work for me.  the smaller holders are sorted by themes.  I have one bigger holder for Christmas as I seem to collect alot of them. lol.   I love how my papers are sorted. I'm scrapping more now they are all together.

Week 6 was photos--I will be working on this project for while as I have alot to organize--printed and digital.  I will show my process in later post of how I'm doing this.

Week 7: ideas and week 8--I'm working on both of them as I have already established the them but just need to be tweaked so I'm combing them both for week 7.
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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

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Happy Mother's Day! Today was wonderful for me. My daughter kept saying Mother's day all day. lol so adorable.  I was able to get some pictures of kids and me for my mother's day layout.  Aren't they adorable! Amber love it being in the tree.I actually put her up on that tree and she was pretending to climb. lol she was having a ball.  For NSD, I was able to join in the chat on two peas. I had alot of fun of course. but no scrapping time but am ordering picture as Shutterfly are having special for mom's day.  so I'm uploading and ordering them tom. of course the pictures above will be in that order. lol Hope everyone had a great mother's day! I will be posting my organize this stuff progress tomorrow.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!!

Hope everyone is having fun today. Wish I could say that I 've scapping all day but haven't been in the room.. lol right now it is a total mess as I'm doing the Organize your stuff challenge--I currently working on embellishment. I have never realize how much stuffs I have. lol so I'm currenlty grouping things then will sort and purge as i go thur each sections of embellishment throughout the week. I hope everyone is having fun.

I will post pictures on my paper and scrap organizaiton tomorrow.  Have a great night!