Saturday, January 29, 2011

still sore

hi, all I'm still hurting but was able to sit and finish two of my layouts. I'm hoping to finish some more tomorrow if my back is still feeling better. Also, I am redesigning my blog--click on giveaways tabs for awesome new giveway. thanks.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


I hurt my back yesterday so i wasn't albe to work on the layouts. I'm hoping too tomorrow or sunday once the medication do its job. Thanks.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What's on your Workdesk Wednesday? 86

Good afternoon,
It's snowing here. Suppose to get 3 to 6 inches of snow. Yeah! Great day to stay in and scrapin'. Last night, I tried to print my journals but my printer was acting up for some reason. Ugh! so i have to recut my paper journals so i can reprint them today and finish those layouts. I was sick all week since the last postings so it remain the same. Since I was feeling better this morning, I actually clean up and group projects of what I need to do yet. lol still on that path--not really getting anywhere.
Over Julia's blog is what's on your workdesk wednesday... I have provide a link on sidebar. Go on ahead and take a glimpse of everyone's workdesk
So what's on my desk you ask~~
Currently, this what my space looks like after some cleaning this morning--I actually clean this table off so i could finish those layouts for my journals to print out when kids are napping. Over the white cabinet is where i piled most of stuffs until i can complete the projects this week (I'm hoping). I also took out my new expression--isn't it pretty! love the color my sister pick it out. I have alot on my list that i want to finish--
1. Finish the journals on layouts
2. file completed layouts into tote for safekeeping
3. clean cabinet off and put stuffs away
4. put expression and jukebox there if enough room my baby bug --i find that i tend to stand when i am doing any kind of stamping and cutting out just easier to do that.
5. finish project 12 layout
Someone ask if I had Vagabond. I have to admitted. I had no clue what this was so i had to do a search. lol I'm don't follow Tim Holtz. It's not really my style but as I was reading about it, I do love his embossing folders which i have many of them on my wishlist. Below is what is sitting on the rolling cart--it is my cd player given to me by my parents for my birthday many years ago.
I'm hoping to have some layouts post either tonight or tomorrow for sure. I'm also planning to work on valentine's card. I have a few ideas that I want to try out with my expression. lol
Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

How do I remember my journals~~

This is me: Sweet Pete said... Isn't it hard to get back to layouts you didn't finish. I have tons of those from my sons baby book, especially finishing up the journals. Um, son is 14 now. LOL So by the time I get to those layouts I'll have forgotten the details. So good for you for making that your goal!! Oh, and I love the photo of the baby w/the dog. Too darn cute! January 19, 2011 9:08 AM

I really like Tammy's five journaling strategies to help you get started so head on over and check it out:

I make sure to document my journals with or without pictures. I have a dairy set up on my computer so that each day I will journal what going on that day along with my pictures I may or may not have taken. Then once i get the pictures develop I will either print it out or write it out and put in my photo box until I am ready. I really make sure of this because I was going thru my own pictures of me and often ask my mom questions and she didn't remember some of important details which disappoint me because there is alot of great stories but not being remember. so the key is to sit down and write what you remember. then when you are ready you can match them or just journal what you know.

I have two baskets sitting on floor~ one is for pre-plan layouts and second is incomplete layouts

Pre-plan layouts will consist of papers i want to use, pictures, embellishment may be include or not, often time I will either add my own sketch or sketch from other sources. I will file in this basket until I am ready to work on it.

Incomplete layouts will consist of complete layouts that may need picture reprint or resize, and add journals. I prefer to type my journal instead of handwriting but I am trying to include more of my handwriting if journal is smaller.

Today I'm still cleaning up and go thur my basket of what need to done. I'm also working on my Project 12 layout that is due on 28th. I have that set up and will be ready to be assemble. I'm making room for my expression bc I need to use it for this layout. Yee-haw can't wait to play. :) Until then, Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What's on your Workdesk Wednesday 85

Currently on my desk, I am trying to finish all my uncompleted layouts that have been in my basket for few months that need either journal, or picture or both. I've decide to try to finish these before doing any more challenges as I wasn't having my mojo going with all the mess that is surround me. I so need to clean and reorganize so i can create better without running into mess. lol
On the desk, is my christmas 2008 of our poor chalie brown tree. lol I was planning to use a very old chipboard stash that has glitter--Kurio chipboard that came in small package box. I remember getting them from Wal-mart. Well I ran into a problem with these chipboards not all the letter are there--for exame there is on I only one E etc. ect you name it there is not just enough letter. so if anyone have this in their stash and not using it--I'll be happy to take it off your hand. lol ugh Now i know why i quit buying aphla chipboard and stickers because of this. lol Yeah i know i could make my own but the problem is I don't have any silver glitter as I don't use glitter that much on my layouts. lol I'm thinking of diging out my plain chipboard and emboss them in silver embossing power. that will be a first for me to do.
I was planning to post the finished layouts last night but my kids decide to stay up past their bedtime. lol I think they knew I want to do some scrappin'. Here they are:
this was my daughter's after her first bath. Her cousins was helping me getting her dress.
I use new arrival for the oneies. and very old rub on for title and decoration in middle.
This is my daughter's first easter egg hunt with her cousins.
Before I knew about Picsa--I created the collage on right myself by sizing and cutting. I will be using Picsa for collage in future. lol it was alot of work.
This one is my favorite layout and picture. you really can't see it but I use solid red texture cardstock for backgroun, green crimp texture behind the title and on bottom. I had the dog paw pp in my stash, I cut a strip for on the bottom and then lefteover of it--it has brown on back and use two small strips and tear it and curl it up. The ribbon from american craft. the sticker was in my dog stash. chipboard letters from Kurio. journal card was from my stash as well. lol Alot of them was from my stash that I have been hoarding or didn't use until i had the right layout. lol Hope you enjoy the layouts, sorry for glare I still can't find the right place to take picture of them. If you want to take a glimpse on what's on your workdesk, head on over to Julia's blog: Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Today I focus on my uncompleted layouts that need journals or pictures or both. I went through them and completed four layouts while kids are napping. i will posted pictures after they are in bed. lol They just woke up from their naps. I'm just glad to finish them and put them in my next pile--putting them in album. Right now, I store all finish layouts in my tote bag with the album until i complete them. It works for me because I don't always scraps in order. I'm planning to go thur my daughter's baby album to see what layouts I still need to put in. I know there is a few off my head that i need to make yet. I'm trying to work from my stash and use what i have but it's hard when i know there are certain embellishment i should get but I won't because i really want to save and use what i have. In few months, I'm planning to go thur my embellishments pile and start purging what i know I won't use and either sell or donate them. Well, that's it for now. I'll be back later to post picture.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Sneak peek Reveal

I'm sorry I wasn't able to get this post yesterday as the lighting was not helping my picture taking. It has been cold and dreary here. My inspiration for three page layouts was based on Scrapbooking Ali (currently now Sketch Support). Few months ago I was inspired to do this layout of my daughter playing in the playground.

I finally was able to get a clear picture of my three page layouts--I just love these colors. It is not the best quality picture i was hoping for. the window where I was trying to take picture of this kept giving me glare on the picture. Anyhow,I move the bottom pp to bottom so i can add more pictures as I had alot. The second page i expand the title area and add three pictures in middle to add all the pictures i want to add and then I use Pisca to add the smaller pictures across the three pages. I just love how this turnout.
The orange background is Stampin' Up, the rest came from the kit I won in June 2010. I think it was either from Pink Cricut or Scrap Brlz(can't find the website now). The green journal card came from creative memories. The fresh air circle was created from graphic speaking. I add blue brad to bring the blue in along with the good times saying. I had fun creating this layouts.
I am hoping to work on my dec daily finish up journals and get them printed out. I only have 15 more to go then will done Next step is to get pictures develop. I went to Michael's today but they were sold out of cricuts (9.99). oh, well. I also was looking for specific colors for a challenge I want to do and I could not find the colors I needs. oh, well yep I left without buying anything. more money in my purse.
I will try to post more tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

A sneak peek

Good evening, It's been a long day! I was able to get some scrappin in during naptime. The frame was given to me by my sister. I find these quotes when I was surfin' the net. The quotes stated:

Dreams Wish it, Dream it, Do it Love The kitchen is the heart of the home!

Family Forever, for Always and no matter what!

The quilt pattern paper came from creative memories. I love the paper wish I could find more of it. I used my leftover scraps for quotes. then I was able to work on my Dec Daily journals on the computer. only have 15 more to go to format in text box then I will be ready to print it out. Just need to order my pictures. (kids woke up from nap grrr.) lol

Here is a sneak peek of what I am currently working on:

I will hopefully post tomorrow once I work out a few details on it. Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What's on your Workdesk Wednesday 84

Posted by PicasaGood morning, Let it snow! Let it snow! Finally got some snow here. lol I feel bad for some of southern states that receive much more than we did. My daughter is currently watching Spongebob--one of her new favorite show. My son is on the floor playing and I'm on computer surfing. I have been sick all weekend and had no energy to do anything until yesterday. ugh! I hate when that happens.
What's on my workdesk today is the mess I made when finishing this layout--so I need to clean it up and work on my next project. I finally find my mojo yesterday and complete the layout for Sketchy Thursday challenge. I don't know why i didn't think of fauz stitching around the yellow mat until last night when i was surfing the blogs. I'm thinking about getting the Sew easy tool I have seen many mentions. I may next month as i love the look. Also, you may see four new cricut cartridges sitting on my desk--Michaels has their big sale of course by the time I got there, all was gone except two--Hello Kitty and Pagoda. I wasn't sure if I am going to use them but after seeing a few on several different blogs I'm already got some ideas. I also got cricut lites from Wal-mart they price match them. Sugar and spice and B is for boy which I can't wait to use. Here is my first finished layout for the year 2011--I'm very behind in my count. I just love how this turn out.

So head on over to Julia's blog take a glimpses over one hundred crafters to show and tell what's going on their workdesk. Trust me--once you start, it is addicting. I couldn't get around to everyone this past week as illness but thanks to all who came to visit.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Awesome Giveaway!

Meliss is having an awesome giveaway of this cartridge for valentine. Head on over and become her followers. She really created alot of projects. Thanks for reading!
Come back later--I will be posting some of layouts and cards. (I hope lol)

Friday, January 7, 2011

My first layout for 2011

I'm working on this layout for Sketchy Thursday. I just need to add my title and journal. I'm having a hard time coming up with a title for this layout. I think this was the first time she holds her bottle by herself. She was in her jungle swing that why i did the jungle theme. I really love how this turn out. I use the kit I recieves from a blog I won. I think it was Pink Cricut but I'm not sure. The pattern papers, journal tags were from there. The rest of solid colors came from Stampin up stash. I made the loin when I was at a crop last year. I think it was the Animal Kindgom or Sizzix dies. I know the jungle leaves was from the sizzix die. I need to go back to my friend's house again to use her sizzix die as I don't have that in my collection. I will try to take a better picture tomorrow when it is daylight out. Thank for looking!
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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Organization Storage

Here is the storage containers I was talking about earlier, I got these at Walmart for 5.97 each. There is four here, I already have two so in total of 6 projects can be here. I use my label dymo for each project name. I have three of them here so far. I'm still work on sorting and rearrange my space. I realize i have alot of stuffs in this small room. I feels like i just moving them from one spot to next because i don't know where to put them yet. lol I have made some more lists of what i need to buy yet. I'm still trying to figure out how i want to store my ribbons and now my stamps i have accumulated. I just happen to find a whole box of stamps i forgotten i had. lol
in my middle of frustration, I find this half kit I have won thur a blog--(I think Pink Cricut but i have to double check). this is leftovers. I previous did three layouts with this kit. so i pull out my preplan page on left and went to work. I want to use the Sketch Thursday (on facebook). I will post them tomorrow to see how far i gets. I was having trouble with two of pattern papers i want to use. I want to use but not enough to cover certain spots on sketch so I'm putting my thinking cap on and figuring out how i want to do it.
I know i need to purchase Peachy keen stamps I just don't know the sizes i need for these cutouts. I can't buy them right this moment. I hate being on budget. ugh! Maybe income tax time I can. One can dream. Well, I'm off to spend quality time with kids. Good night!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What's on your Workdesk? Wednesday 81

I was planning to post this morning but as you know life get in the way. lol I woke up at 6am--admitting I did not want to get up but my little one was ready for his bottle. :) I came downstairs seeing that my other one was up too. My sweet hun say to me I haven't been to bed yet. I was like why thinking to myself that's your fault sweetie. lol Well, my little girl was up at 230 and wouldn't go back to bed so she stay up with daddy. Funny thing happens--after i took care of my baby boy I went to my recliner, my little girl came over to me and sat on my lap and crashes. lol so she has three hours nap ps so did mommy and little boy. lol Then we all get ready to go grocery shopping again as I didn't get everything I needed. We went to different Wal-mart and I was able to get my storage container I want for my room. We arrived home and relaxing of course after I put grocery away. my little girl was little cranky but settle down now watching spongebob.
I was able to take picture of what on my desk which is not a whole alot going on. lol You will see the journals for my dec daily If I can work on it tonight after kids are in bed. I am planning to make tags for my album and just need to have measurement for the tags so those journals will fix. I'm hopping tomorrow I can finis
h my picture collage so I can get them upload. I want to show you a peek under my desk that is waiting for me to play: Yep, My very own expression given to me by my sister. Thanks, sis. I can't wait to get it out of the box and play. lol but first need to clean, clean, clean. Come back tomorrow and I promise to post the project boxes I have gotten and how I'm going to use them. Until then, have a great night!

If you want to peek at others' desk, head on over to Julia's blog who started all of this:

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Good afternoon, Just takin' a break from cleaning... just got done picking up all the toys I am planning to go thur toy box and sort them for baby, and takin' some of them upstair in each bedrooms so they can also play up there but I'm not in the mood to do that today. lol I'm feeling little better but not much. The oranments are in the storage container, just trying to figure out how to store the garland so it doesn't end up in tangle mess next year. then i will put the tree away then that is off my to do list for today then we also took the outside lights down and put them away in this contianer. I just got the laundry done, just need to fold them. Next step is clean my scrap room up little bit and work on my Dec Daily album as well. I want to finish the journals and get them printed. Yesterday, I brought ink for my printer as the color were out. Wal-mart has the double pack there for 50 bucks which is cheaper in long run. I hardly get to go to Staples. My bf tend to like to stay in one spot. He hate going to three different stores so I do what I can at one store which is often enough Wal-mart. It was funny because he made a comment on why i always want to go to Wal-mart. I looked at him and stated it's not that I always want to go there it because of you. He was like what u means--Well look at this way--if i need clothes, bathroom supplies, kid supplies (wipes, diapers, etc), light bulbs, nails, hammer, batteries, grocery, where would i go? I would have to go to Lowes-light bulbs, nail, tools, shelves then I would go to weis for groceries, CVS for medicines--i told him I would go where the sales would be but with Walmart they will match the store's sales and i can get all the groceries i need here. he like you're right. I also told him it is getting hard with craft tho--he like huh? They are making it smaller and now I may have to either go to Micheals, Ben franklin, Joann's some I can do online (he prefer this one-lol) but i like seeing my supplies in person. I like to touch and look and just browse. :( I don't getto do that very often. Just realize my thoughts run faster than my fingers when I'm typing. lol

Anywho, gee wonder where i pick that word up--I know I read way too many blogs. Last time I looked I have over 170 blogs on my google readers and Yes I read every one of them, just not all in one day. lol I started to organize them in catogories such as challenges, Cricut use, organizations, and few more i need to think to list. Some I'm not even sure how long they posted bc life does get in the way but i hate to drop anyone incase they come back. So how you guys organize your blogs. I'm curious how you keep up with all the new and exciting projects that come up.

I did go into my scrap room and work on my dec daily but kinda lost my mojo--I just want to do my pictures and journal and be done. so with all three kids (yes i called my bf kids bc he gets to nap and I don't) can't sit down long enough to nap unless I'm so exhasuat or sick that I crave for nap. lol I was able to work on this:

I was doing the collages on Pisca. I went thur my files for dec daily and decide to let Pisca do the work for then i can shuffle if i need to. I figure whatever pictures i don't use I'll put in the kids' album when I get there. so far i did 6 days then i had to stop as my daughter woke up from her nap and was hungry. That is one bad things about having a computer because if my bf is up, then he is on the computer playing his game then i can't work on it when kids are napping or in bed for the night. We are planning to get the laptop with our income tax time so I can do this at any time and don't have to wait. :)

While I was reading my blogs, (yes I tend to multitask between writing and reading blogs) I came across Kellicrowe --she has made an ablum of her Facebook entries. She use 6 x 12 album and it look really cool. I'm thinking of doing this as I just opened mine a few months ago. In doing this, I should really do a status update everyday as alot happen but i don't always share and I should. so i'm trying to debate how i want to do it because i know there are few entries in past months. so i will have to think of this more and see how i want to go about. Just another interest project if anyone want to do one.

Well, it's 8pm and nothing on tv for me. Caleb is having his bottle and will be alseep for bed. Amber is watching her favorite show now. She will be up for while since she has a short nap before supper. She crashed at 330pm when she came in from outside playing. Daddy is still in bed napping. so can't really do any scrappin' so I will be reading up on blogs since i have 100 more to read yet. :) Good night until tomorrow.

P.S.--don't forget to do What on your workdesk? Wednesday tomorrow. I'll be taking my picture in morning.

Monday, January 3, 2011

A very Long day!

Well, today i didn't do much scrappin' as I've been up since 4am. Caleb woke up for his feeding then he went back to sleep. I was planning to go back to bed but then my daughter woke up and stay up until 630am and crashed for three hours nap. Meantime, I got into the groove of cleaning up, doing two loads of wash, and wash the dishes. Then my bf got up and we went out for lunch then to Wal-mart to get few things we need. Only scrappy item I purchased was adhesive for my sticker machine. One we went to didn't have the project boxes I wanted to purchase so i have to head back to the other store to get them at another time. I was hoping to work on my December Daily but that can wait another time. I did order pictures for birthday albums I am currently working on as well. I'm excited about that--can't wait for pictures to come in mail so i can actually finish that projects and post them here. I know the kids will love them. Sorry this is short as both kids are very cranky. I think they are ready for bed as well as their mama. :) Until tomorrow, Good nite.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Look of my blog

Good morning, I did work on my Dec Daily Journals last night. I just need to finish few more up then it will be ready for print. I was changing the look of my blogger. I'm having a hard time find new template that would work with blogger but it's so limited. I wish I was computer savvy that I could make my own. I know exactly what I want but finding the right template that incorporate my idea. oh, well I will keep trying. My goal for today is to finish journals on my Dec Daily, and decide on size of pictures for dec daily to do on Pisca then will work on the pictures tonight and order them tomorrow. I'm also making a list of what organization tools I need for my scrapbook room: I know I need more of cropper holders for all papers I still have in tote bag, plus few more in other boxes. I want to get them sort and put in specific labels. I also going to purchase the project boxes at Wal-mart that I have mentioned earlier. I will post more on it later. I'm still figuring out how to do my ribbons as there are so many ways to store them but I haven't find the right one for me yet. I think that it for today. Thanks for reading.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Good afternoon, everyone! We had a great time last night. We went down to my bf's mother for the night. We went to a party which the kids love especially Caleb who is only 4 months old and flirting with every ladies there. lol Amber love the dog, Max that was there. However, we didn't make it to midnight. We all crash by 1030pm. lol Oh, well. We arrived home from his mom and just been relaxing. Right now, I'm reading the blogs on my dashboard and catching up. My one goal for blog is to do a post everyday on anything. lol I'll try not to bore anyone. As one of my resolutions: to enter more challenges to use up my stashes. First one is Scrapbook and Cards Today: I have heard about Project 12 this past year but wasn't able to play as I didn't heard about it until November 2010 so i decide to wait until the new year to play along. They just post their Project 12--January 2011 sketch due Jan 28th. Here is link if you interest in it:

I'm going to work on this. I haven't decide on pictures yet.

Second challenge is the Jitterbuginn' once they posted on Jan 5th! That is two challenge I chose to focus on this month.

On Two Peas, Cristi is doing a thread on New Year Scrappy Goals as support group. I am following along as well.

Out of 10 goals I have decided to do for the year, I have chosen four goals to work on for month of January:

Four goals for month January I want to accomplish this month: 1. Reorganize my scrap room and purge things i won't use 2. Finish all the unfinished layouts I have in a pile that need journals or pictures 3. Finish my Dec Daily--just need to get pictures and journals printed out 4. Upload pictures to shutterfly and get them print for Dec Daily and unfinished layouts I'm also going to work on my Dec Daily tonight--get my journals done and printed them out then tomorrow is to get pictures onto 8 x 10 to save on cost. so I'm going to work it out on Pisca for this as collage. Then on Monday I will order the pictures and get it done. I'm excite to do this month as I do have alot to accomplish but I will be taking ministep so I don't burn myself out. Thank for reading!