Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Good afternoon, Just takin' a break from cleaning... just got done picking up all the toys I am planning to go thur toy box and sort them for baby, and takin' some of them upstair in each bedrooms so they can also play up there but I'm not in the mood to do that today. lol I'm feeling little better but not much. The oranments are in the storage container, just trying to figure out how to store the garland so it doesn't end up in tangle mess next year. then i will put the tree away then that is off my to do list for today then we also took the outside lights down and put them away in this contianer. I just got the laundry done, just need to fold them. Next step is clean my scrap room up little bit and work on my Dec Daily album as well. I want to finish the journals and get them printed. Yesterday, I brought ink for my printer as the color were out. Wal-mart has the double pack there for 50 bucks which is cheaper in long run. I hardly get to go to Staples. My bf tend to like to stay in one spot. He hate going to three different stores so I do what I can at one store which is often enough Wal-mart. It was funny because he made a comment on why i always want to go to Wal-mart. I looked at him and stated it's not that I always want to go there it because of you. He was like what u means--Well look at this way--if i need clothes, bathroom supplies, kid supplies (wipes, diapers, etc), light bulbs, nails, hammer, batteries, grocery, where would i go? I would have to go to Lowes-light bulbs, nail, tools, shelves then I would go to weis for groceries, CVS for medicines--i told him I would go where the sales would be but with Walmart they will match the store's sales and i can get all the groceries i need here. he like you're right. I also told him it is getting hard with craft tho--he like huh? They are making it smaller and now I may have to either go to Micheals, Ben franklin, Joann's some I can do online (he prefer this one-lol) but i like seeing my supplies in person. I like to touch and look and just browse. :( I don't getto do that very often. Just realize my thoughts run faster than my fingers when I'm typing. lol

Anywho, gee wonder where i pick that word up--I know I read way too many blogs. Last time I looked I have over 170 blogs on my google readers and Yes I read every one of them, just not all in one day. lol I started to organize them in catogories such as challenges, Cricut use, organizations, and few more i need to think to list. Some I'm not even sure how long they posted bc life does get in the way but i hate to drop anyone incase they come back. So how you guys organize your blogs. I'm curious how you keep up with all the new and exciting projects that come up.

I did go into my scrap room and work on my dec daily but kinda lost my mojo--I just want to do my pictures and journal and be done. so with all three kids (yes i called my bf kids bc he gets to nap and I don't) can't sit down long enough to nap unless I'm so exhasuat or sick that I crave for nap. lol I was able to work on this:

I was doing the collages on Pisca. I went thur my files for dec daily and decide to let Pisca do the work for then i can shuffle if i need to. I figure whatever pictures i don't use I'll put in the kids' album when I get there. so far i did 6 days then i had to stop as my daughter woke up from her nap and was hungry. That is one bad things about having a computer because if my bf is up, then he is on the computer playing his game then i can't work on it when kids are napping or in bed for the night. We are planning to get the laptop with our income tax time so I can do this at any time and don't have to wait. :)

While I was reading my blogs, (yes I tend to multitask between writing and reading blogs) I came across Kellicrowe http://www.kellicrowe.typepad.com/ --she has made an ablum of her Facebook entries. She use 6 x 12 album and it look really cool. I'm thinking of doing this as I just opened mine a few months ago. In doing this, I should really do a status update everyday as alot happen but i don't always share and I should. so i'm trying to debate how i want to do it because i know there are few entries in past months. so i will have to think of this more and see how i want to go about. Just another interest project if anyone want to do one.

Well, it's 8pm and nothing on tv for me. Caleb is having his bottle and will be alseep for bed. Amber is watching her favorite show now. She will be up for while since she has a short nap before supper. She crashed at 330pm when she came in from outside playing. Daddy is still in bed napping. so can't really do any scrappin' so I will be reading up on blogs since i have 100 more to read yet. :) Good night until tomorrow.

P.S.--don't forget to do What on your workdesk? Wednesday tomorrow. I'll be taking my picture in morning.

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Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

As you can tell, I'm catching up on my blog reading, too! I have a folder in my Google reader for my blog followers - they get priority! I also keep folders for challenge blogs, manufacturer blogs, and what I can "commercial blogs" - people like Ali Edwards and Cathy Zielske, and Ella Publishing. It's really up to you, but organizing blogs into folders and prioritizing really helps me!