Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What's on your Workdesk? Wednesday 191

Hello, everyone

so sorry to be MIA last week, but most of my day was spent doing this:

I had a sick little boy--he had ear infection. Now he is back to his old self and I'm playing catch up on everything.

However, I had alot on my to do list that I want to do today but a major problem happen yesterday. My main water pipe broken due to the freezing temp we had the other night. Well, I didn't know until yesterday when the weather warm up and started to thaw. Ugh--major mess in my basement but thankful that there wasn't much damage to anything of our property just a mess to clean up and get take care of. Today, plumber is coming to dig up my driveway to replace the broken pipe and add the shut off value which was never put in the first place.  Major hit on my financial budget but I'm rolling with it. lol and taking it in stride.

I'm hoping later on I can finish my organization projects:

Alot of Ribbons

wrapping ribbons on small mat board I cut up to fix inside those green boxes.

here what i have so far...

little scraps will go here.. 

I didn't realize how many ribbons i really had until i put them all together..of course I have another box that I didn't show that store all my yarn fibers.  I also still working on sorting the brads, eyelets, etc.  it is such a pain but be so worth it when I finish.

I want to finish them up tonight and start scrappin! I got the bug to scrap some pictures that have been sitting for while.  

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What's on your workdesk? Wednesday 189

Happy WOYWW!
this morning, we had another snow storm.  My kids were so excited to go out and build their first snowman. Their daddy helped. 

Last Friday, I finished the valentine decor for my friend. She didn't come down this past Saturday as she had the flu. boo-hoo hopefully she will be feeling better by this Saturday for us to get together.

then Sunday, I decided to clean up and did some rearrange in some area yep--very boring stuffs. lol 

In between that, I am also sorting my brads, and eyelets mixture by colors and shapes as you can see here. 

I'm hoping to finish couple things in the room this week so I can get back to scrapping again.  
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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Peek at my Process-Valentine Subway Arts-Part 2

Next night, I continue to work on this project, I decided that the pattern strip need something, so i just happen to glance up and saw my brads/eyelet sitting in from of me. So I dug out four pink and 8 dark red for it. I punch four holes as you can see here. My original plan was to cross twine in x fashion but I didn't like the look of it. so i just left with the eyelets and figure I'll come back to it later. 

I ink all the edge with Jenni Bowlin fountain pen of embellishment.  i also mist the dolly with cherry and black walnut ink to blend it more..

here I just layers bit and pieces here and there, add rhinestones on each of them.I glue them all down, add valentine twine to tags..
 I took the frame and paint it antique white..

 mmm-it's too white.. maybe

Add distress ink to it--worn lipstick then use wipe to rub it in and take some of it off.

look much better... 

here is the final project.. 

My friend didn't come down this past Saturday due to the flu. Hopefully this Saturday we will get together and exchange gift.. I am really happy how this turns out. In fact, I'm planning to make one for my self. lol

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Monday, January 14, 2013

A Peek at my Process-Valentine Subway Arts

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Last week, I have a gift that I need to make for my friend where we every year exchange gifts at Christmas time. Of course, it's late in the making part due to illness in family and holiday. My mojo just wasn't working for past two months to come up with anything for her.

While I was browsing, I came across two valentine subway arts that I like and download:

here is links for them:

Valentine Subway-Call me
Valentine's Day subway art

My original plan was to use these two subway arts in one frame then after that I need to figure out what else I want to do.. so back to searching on pinterest--nothing really stand out to me.. then I decide to take a break and went to google readers to read couple blogs to catch up on what's new and stuff and came across
Nichol Magouirk's post: Top ten cards/projects of 2012-her valentine hearts and tags. then something just click..

so first I printed out the subway arts on Stampin' up White cardstock -- 8x10 size to 5x7 prints

 then I went to my bin that holds all kinds of frames that I purchase over past couple years for this kind of purpose. I was thinking of one large frame then I find three 6 x 12 picture frames--then I decided that third valentine subway was needed for this. I will look for one tomorrow.

Then I look at subway arts to decide on my colors--red, pink, black, and white.
I went through my red color box and pick out all kinds of embellishment that i might use then I went through my valentine theme folder that holds more and add them to mix. 

then I decide to pick my solid cardstocks for the background and choose these..

I trim the subway arts down then mat them to black cardstock then decide on my main background colors.
Pink for one, and dark red for other..

then i stopped here for night as it was almost 10pm and need to get to bed..

Earlier today, I find my third subway art that match the color scheme to add to the collage-


I decided to use the other half of dark red ..then it need something to tie all three together, so i went through my valentine theme paper holders and ...
 find this pattern paper--a perfect match..
 cut 2 x 6 strips for each..then started to add my embellishments, and tags.

 I pull out my stamps and few other items to add...

 Next three pictures show the layers and possible embellishments... nothing is glue down at this point..i continue to add or subtract things..

  then this is where I stopped as it was getting late..

Come back tomorrow for the rest of my process and finish pieces...

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What's on your workdesk? Wednesday 188

Happy Wednesday!

What's on my workdesk?--

I'm making a home decor gift for my friend--a combination of Christmas and birthday gift in one...She requested valentine theme.  I have no idea why it took me almost two months to think of what to make her but Sunday night i was surfing on pinterest and trying to figure out what to make her.  I came across few valentine subway then I saw few valentine tags centerpiece made by Nichol Migourik and something just click for me. this is a start of my inspiration.. and hoping to work on it tonight.  I decide that I will paint the frame but just not sure what colors yet.. that will come.. 

Also, last week I mention that I made the baby album as a gift for first time. The parent to be loved it.  here is picture of that album and the card i made for them.

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Thanks for visiting and leaving comments. I so appreciate them!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Organize your Stuff (Round 6): Recap Week 1-12

With holidays, organize your stuff challenges was put on back burner as I had couple projects I wanted to make for gifts and cards to mail out in December.  As I was doing this, I was making notes of what was working and what wasn't working. I would love to buy all new storage and furniture but I need to wait until I knew which room is going to be my scrap room once we do some fixing up in two of current bedrooms.  We have been discussing about current scrap room I am in now into boys' bedroom and I'll take over their old bedroom. so We shall see in couple months, so my goal is to use what I have and make it work for now.

this is what my room look like on sunday:  COMPLETE DISASTER ZONE

Week 1: Space audit
Week 2 and 3: Brainstorming/clean slate
Week 4: paper
Still love how i organize my papers and where it currently locate. However, I need to find a cabinet or something to have next to it so i can put my paper holder out so I can flip through it or put paper away easier. most of time my table is full and there is no room for me to do this. so I add this to my list of tweaking needed.

Week 5: scraps
In second photo, there is a bin stilling on top of small cabinet that holds all all my scraps.  I previously have it on the black bookshelf but find it to not a good spot as it was in pain to try to sort through the scraps so i move to cabinet top and so much better. I actually am using my scraps more.

Week 6: photos
I put all of my photos together in one spot and haven't touch them yet.

Week 7: Ideas
I purges ton the last time and plan to do another at this time. I also going to use my pinterest board more then will print them out when i need it.

Week 8: projects, unfinished pages, and kits-- still in process in finish some of old projects, couple unfinished pages still need photos... no kits was made at this time.

Week 9: Embellishments
I'm still working on this area. I haven't really decide how i want to do my embellishments. I have been trying couple different storage solutions but they're  not working for me. I'm still figuring out how i want to do this.

Week 10: Alphas
I sort my alphas--stickers by colors, chipboard in its own package in drawers, plain chipboard in its own drawers, alphas brads in its own package in its own drawer as well

Week 11: non-alpha stickers and rub on--still working on this..

Week 12: ribbon, thread, and fibers--haven't touch this yet.

this week, we are go back on previous challenges to catch up for now.. I'm hoping to work on some of them this week. Right now, i'm in cleaning up and putting things away.

Thank for reading! have a great day!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What's on your Workdesk? Wednesday 187

Above show my workdesk--very messy one..I'm busy creating a baby album for my cousin's girlfriend baby shower this coming weekend.  It is my first time making a baby album as a gift. I really hope she will like it.  Once I completed, I will post more of album.  Go head on over to Julia's Stamping Ground and check out everyone else's workdesks. 

Hello, 2013!

Happy New Year!

What a year it has been for me! I'm ready for the new year with positive outlook.  I know my blog has been so quiet this past year with a new third baby, serious health issue I am dealing with but hoping with serious diet/weight loss that will cure itself, and looking into the new year with many goals/plans to really enjoy my year.  I want to do more with my scrapping and share them more with you.  I have come up with a plan that to motivate me as well as you in this coming year:

 A peek at my process

I love to see everyone process when they scrapping their layouts or cards.  I thought I would share mine once a week on how I do my layout and thought process in short time frame.  For now, it will photo processes until i figure out how i can do the video taking part.. I'm planning to start this on Monday with my first layout planning.

Scrap your stash

This year, I am going to stashbusting my stash before buying any new products. now I'm not going on spending freeze on new products but I want to use up all those old products by mixing them up with new.  I have so much in my room that I'm tripping over them. lol  I am going to follow along with Scrappy Jedi aka Melissa who is also doing this. 

A Peek at my Desk

Every Wednesday Julia's Stamping Ground hosts What's on your workdesk? Wednesday worldwide.  I'm planning to do this for the year of what happening on my desk and take a peek at others.  I hope you join in as well.

Organize your stuff Challenge

It still ongoing but have slow down the past couple weeks due to holidays. I'm hoping to start off again and get it done this month.  I'm planning to post a recap on previous challenges of week 1 to week 12 then continue on from there.

I think that is it for now. I am hoping to be more productive this year in scrapping all of memories and stories I have.  Thank for taking the time to read. Please leave comments as I love to receive them.