Monday, January 14, 2013

A Peek at my Process-Valentine Subway Arts

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Last week, I have a gift that I need to make for my friend where we every year exchange gifts at Christmas time. Of course, it's late in the making part due to illness in family and holiday. My mojo just wasn't working for past two months to come up with anything for her.

While I was browsing, I came across two valentine subway arts that I like and download:

here is links for them:

Valentine Subway-Call me
Valentine's Day subway art

My original plan was to use these two subway arts in one frame then after that I need to figure out what else I want to do.. so back to searching on pinterest--nothing really stand out to me.. then I decide to take a break and went to google readers to read couple blogs to catch up on what's new and stuff and came across
Nichol Magouirk's post: Top ten cards/projects of 2012-her valentine hearts and tags. then something just click..

so first I printed out the subway arts on Stampin' up White cardstock -- 8x10 size to 5x7 prints

 then I went to my bin that holds all kinds of frames that I purchase over past couple years for this kind of purpose. I was thinking of one large frame then I find three 6 x 12 picture frames--then I decided that third valentine subway was needed for this. I will look for one tomorrow.

Then I look at subway arts to decide on my colors--red, pink, black, and white.
I went through my red color box and pick out all kinds of embellishment that i might use then I went through my valentine theme folder that holds more and add them to mix. 

then I decide to pick my solid cardstocks for the background and choose these..

I trim the subway arts down then mat them to black cardstock then decide on my main background colors.
Pink for one, and dark red for other..

then i stopped here for night as it was almost 10pm and need to get to bed..

Earlier today, I find my third subway art that match the color scheme to add to the collage-


I decided to use the other half of dark red ..then it need something to tie all three together, so i went through my valentine theme paper holders and ...
 find this pattern paper--a perfect match..
 cut 2 x 6 strips for each..then started to add my embellishments, and tags.

 I pull out my stamps and few other items to add...

 Next three pictures show the layers and possible embellishments... nothing is glue down at this point..i continue to add or subtract things..

  then this is where I stopped as it was getting late..

Come back tomorrow for the rest of my process and finish pieces...


Mary Pat Siehl said...

totally love the subway art! so fun

Becky said...

These are looking SO awesome! I can't wait to see the finished projects!