Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pink Zebra Album

My niece has a birthday party this past saturday.  I made her this mini album to remember her birthday.  I was planning to just get her bright pink album, however when I was at Michaels, i saw this and say it was perfect for her.  I brought glitter black zebra, pink zebra print, zebra buttons and tags for this album.  From my stash, embossing power (pink and aqua), twines, flowers, and journal cards. I use various stamps for titles.

 Cover page

 1 page

2-3 pages
How much she has grown in past seven years

4-5 pages
Birthday girl at 8

6-7 pages
Make a wish

 8-9 pages
will be picture collage of her opening presents

10-11 pages
List of gifts she receive and whom give to her
pocket page for her cards

12-13 pages
Celebrate with style

14-15 pages
blank pages for her to fill 

16-17 pages
Happy birthday--collage of pictures

18-19 pages
20 page

her mom is coming down in few weeks for me to help her put it all together.  She love this as well. 

Right now, I'm cleaning up the room as it is disaster from creating.  I'll be back tomorrow with more things to share. Thank for reading.. 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Jungle Mini-album

Good morning,

I'm so sorry for not updating in over two months... Things has gotten so hectic here that something gotten neglect which sadly is my blog.. But I'm hoping to start blogging again and continue showing projects.. I have been working on two mini albums as gift for my family and friend.

I will show the first mini album (20 pages) is for a baby girl... mom pick jungle for her nursery. I'm sorry for horrible shots of them but no matter how or where I just couldn't get the best shots.   Here are the pages.

Tomorrow I will be showing the birthday album I made for my niece...Thanks for reading! Have a great day!