Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Hi, all
I know it has been a long time since my last post. Things just got really hectic.  I'm hoping to get back on track in the New Year. I want to wish everyone a Happy holidays.

I made a few Christmas cards using various leftover blank cards that was in my stash:
This happen to be one of my favorite card I made for family:

I used my CRMH christmas sentiment stamp, snowflake metal with green brad to add demision and cute picture of kiddos.

Here is group shot of kiddos with Santa:
so adorable...
Have a wonderful Holidays!

Monday, November 12, 2012

WEEK 8: Organize Your Stuff (round 6): projects, unfinished pages and kits Updated

Good morning, everyone! It is a beautiful morning here.  I have been work on my unfinished pages on three of my kiddos. Here is my result:
On left is the bookshelf--only two layouts that requires sewing--no more pages of other two.  whoo. that feels great. On the right is waiting for photo which i have order this past weekend to come in then these pages will be complete.

Here is few more layouts with completed journals I wanted to shared.  the first six layouts are based on Allison's 6 x 6 sketch class--http://allisonrdavis.blogspot.com/2012/09/a-new-class-and-new-downloadable.html
 Sorry for bad pictures--took these last night and couldn't get the lighting right.

I didn't cut any into 2x2 inches square but i had this 8x8 pattern paper i just love and it fit into the design and I just use her basic sketch and add little of my take on it. I really love how this one turn out.
I had  one Halloween picture I did scrap when i first started and I wasn't really satisfy with it.
Here is before:
and here is after
I just love this so much better.

Here is another picture I had in my photo box itching to scrap--

I went little out of color trend for Halloween -

Before--I am using 8 x 8 circle pattern paper to bring in the blue with his mommy's outfit with red and using Elmo theme papers. and using various scraps. 
Here is the after:  I kept the size of circle pattern paper and just adapt to sketch. I just layer here and there. The title came from old rub on i had in my stash which went perfect for this guy's first time trick and treating.  the bat is sizzix which is a new purchase from a friend who is getting rid of some of her dies.  I'm planning to get more of her dies once I go thur my inventory of what i have.  I change out the Elmo picture to word Elmo and tuck it behind I really love how this turn out as well.

Here is another Halloween layout--Brian and I went trick n treating with the gang--I thought i only had these two pictures which i use her sketch and adapt it. since then, I have found two more pictures to add to. lol oh, well it will all work out.

Birthday layout of my little boy turning one last year--love how this turn out.  title is cupcake anyone? I went out of my comfort zone and left the middle pieces in the letters.  It is really different for me.


  my third boy's first layout for his album--yep bit behind in his album I really need to get started.  alot of layering and alot of stampings.  just love how this turn out. I can't remember if this came from sketch or not. it has been sitting in a pile for quite a while.
Hope you are enjoying my postings so far. Please leave a comment. i love them.  I'm trying to get back on blogging more. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Favorite Photo!

I was working on my photo editing and came across this picture taken by my daughter. She took alot random pictures without my knowledge but I just love this one.
Just an update--I'm still working on the unfinished pages.  I'm hoping to finish them tonight.  I'm still waiting on my sister for information. mmm I need to start writing them down when pictures happen not later.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

WEEK 7 and 8: Organize Your Stuff (round 6): Ideas, projects, unfinished pages and kits

Week 7 focus on ideas that provide inspiration for our layouts, altered items, or whatever we are creating.  There are all of kinds of inspiration we get from print and digital. It seems to be more digital now with all pinterest, blogs, and facebook as we are becoming more tech savy.  Currently, I store my inspiration in both place-print and digital.  I don't have a computer in my scraproom so I have to print it out if I'm using it for specific layout.  Right now, most of my inspiration are store on my laptop and pinterest board.  My plan is to print out all the inspiration onto 5x7 card and put in binder. this way I can flip thur if I'm in need of inspiration while in my scraproom.

the print such as magazines, idea books, and various others are store on bottom two shelves.  I have three binders--Pagemap, Allison's sketches including others, and third are various sketches from different blogs.  Currently I'm using Allison's sketches for alot of my layouts.  I have set a date for in February to go thur magazines and books if I haven't touch them then they will be either purge or sell to make room for new things.


this week 8 is all about projects, unfinished pages, and kits that accumulated in my room.  I have ton of projects that I need to finish: birthday albums that is two years old, two Dec daily of past two years, and current Dec daily for this year, and school project.  I also have alot of unfinished pages that need journals and/or pictures is also sitting there.  I don't scribe to any club kits right now as I have ton of papers that I just can't justify to scribe. So my goal is to counterfeit some kits to use those papers up so i can scribe to one kit club next year. All of those things are store on this small bookshelf I created.

Each shelf hold two specific project or pages:
first shelf--Amber and Caleb's pages
second shelf--Tyler's pages and yearly pages
third shelf--school album and birthday albums
fourth shelf--Dec daily 2010 and 2011
fourth shelf-- extra Christmas supplies and premade pages
My goal this week is to finish the three spots on the shelf--amber, Caleb and Tyler's pages

I'm finish up the pages on Caleb--here is a peek of currently layout sitting on table--

In this box is all the unfinished pages that just need journals and date--
I don't write late at night--tend to make mistakes alot when I'm tire so I'm hoping to do this on Saturday during the day to finish this up. 


Monday, October 22, 2012

WEEK 6 Organize Your Stuff (round 6): Photos

this past week has been focusing on photos-prints and digital.

I mainly focus on my prints this week to get them organize by year then monthly.  I created a filing tab dividers with my cricut then use them to sort photos by year.  Then I will use Stacey Julian journaling box to add date and journals on those photos. this will take me awhile to work. I will do them in small batch each day.

For my digital, they are organize by year then monthly. I also have two folders of 5x7 and 8x10 so i can upload them when i want certain pictures in those size. I'm also creating a sheet to mark which folder I have done such as edit, upload, prints and add journals and date to put in box. This way i know what is done and prevent any duplicates. 
this week organize  your stuff will be focusing on Ideas.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Organize Your Stuff Challenge (round 6): Week 5-Scraps Update

Hello all,

Last week it was all about Scraps--I had tons of scraps I wasn't using enough in the way i was storing them.

My old system was this:

At first I had use this for few  years but now it just wasn't working for me as I don't think about going there first to see what I have to use on layout plus 6x12 don't fit here. 

I also had tons of additional scraps in various places--boxes, basket wherever I can store them... I went and gather them all up and put them in this box:

After sorting and purging tons of them, I ended up with this:

I recently purchase pre-plan cropper hoppers for my planning layouts however I decide to use them for my scraps--because they have two half pocket on either side to store smaller pieces so they don't get lost. I thought Perfect...
here it is all done--sorted by colors, I have couple empty pockets that I'm planning to use for my project kits to store any leftover scraps.  I'm still looking for smaller container to store these as this container is little too big for those pages. I'm really happy with this and I already find it is working for me as I can just pull one of color group out and go thur to use on layouts or cards.  

this week is focus on Photos-Prints and Digital.  Thanks for reading!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Twins Layouts--Monthly milestones.

I'm  finish the rest of layouts for the twins--I participate in a hop couple months ago. she is having a boy and girl!  here is the previous five layouts that I did shown: http://michelesscrapycreations.blogspot.com/2012/08/whats-on-your-workdesk-wednesday-165.html

Here is the rest of them:

Six months 

 Seven Months
Eight months
Nine months
Ten months
Eleven months
Twelve months

I really love how many of them turns out that in fact I using some of them for my albums. Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Organize Your Stuff Challenge (round 6): Week 4-Papers and Week 5-Scraps

hello, all

I'm slowly catching up on some things...

Update on Week 4-Papers
This past Sunday, I finish all the sorting, purging and organizing these papers.  I put label on them not just for me but if i have someone over to scrapbook with so they know where paper is where.  I have my paper organize like this for couple of years. I have determine to make some of these papers be used, no longer holding on for that special projects as i have find that there is always more pretty papers to fell in love with. lol

 all labels--

this week is all about scraps--any papers you may have laying around which I have alot...

 this is not all of my scraps. I decided to focus on these two piles above not to overwhelm myself this week. 

this picture is my purge stash that i will be donating.  so excited to have these papers out as i know i won't use them. 

I'll be back tomorrow to further show you what I did with these scraps...

Friday, September 28, 2012

Oragnize Your stuff (Round 6): Week 4: Papers

this week is paper week over at Organize your stuff challenge at two peas.  I'm still working on this challenge as I have ton of papers.  I'm storing all of my papers into these cropper hoppers. on this bookcase. I like to have all my papers in one spot.
 Here is a closer look: on this shelf is all my solid color cardstock. the first two holders are stampin up, the small holder is stamping up pattern papers. next to it is bazzill papers in three holders--I just started buying these and love them.  the last three holders are other types of papers I have brought over the year. I'm planning to purge some of them as colors I know I won't use at all and eventually using rest up.  the smaller stacks of papers I haven't sort yet.
 On this shelf is all my theme papers, I'm planning to go thur them again to resort as i have more papers to add. 
 this is more papers that need to be sorted and put away that was sitting here since Sunday.  I was able to get in room last night and started working on it.  I'm about halfway done with sorting and purging.

My goal is to finish the pile and reorganize and label holders on  the shelf before the next challenge. I will update once i completed this task.

Tomorrow I will posting some layouts I did for twins' monthly milestones. Until then, have a great day.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Organize your Stuff (Round 6): Week 2&3: Brainstorming & Cleaning

Here is pictures of my scrap space--I recently move into this room in January. Not all my scrappy things are here. they are in another room that I'm slowly moving things over. However, i put it on hold when I find out this challenge is starting again. 
So for this week, we are to show our space and brainstorm what our dream room is and go from there.  Everything at its own destination spot. things easier for me to find and put on layout.  As we work thur the room each week, I will explain more what each area means. Right now, I just want to give you the peek here.
September 18, 2012

Next step is to either do an clean slate  which means take everything out or clean one area at time.  I'm going halfway.  As I mentioned before, most of my scrappy stuffs is still in other room, so I'm going to take everything out that doesn't have a place here in this room and move things over as we work on specific themes...  each week.

I haven't work on any layouts this past weekend. I'm hoping to do one tonight we shall see.... Have a great day.