Thursday, November 8, 2012

WEEK 7 and 8: Organize Your Stuff (round 6): Ideas, projects, unfinished pages and kits

Week 7 focus on ideas that provide inspiration for our layouts, altered items, or whatever we are creating.  There are all of kinds of inspiration we get from print and digital. It seems to be more digital now with all pinterest, blogs, and facebook as we are becoming more tech savy.  Currently, I store my inspiration in both place-print and digital.  I don't have a computer in my scraproom so I have to print it out if I'm using it for specific layout.  Right now, most of my inspiration are store on my laptop and pinterest board.  My plan is to print out all the inspiration onto 5x7 card and put in binder. this way I can flip thur if I'm in need of inspiration while in my scraproom.

the print such as magazines, idea books, and various others are store on bottom two shelves.  I have three binders--Pagemap, Allison's sketches including others, and third are various sketches from different blogs.  Currently I'm using Allison's sketches for alot of my layouts.  I have set a date for in February to go thur magazines and books if I haven't touch them then they will be either purge or sell to make room for new things.


this week 8 is all about projects, unfinished pages, and kits that accumulated in my room.  I have ton of projects that I need to finish: birthday albums that is two years old, two Dec daily of past two years, and current Dec daily for this year, and school project.  I also have alot of unfinished pages that need journals and/or pictures is also sitting there.  I don't scribe to any club kits right now as I have ton of papers that I just can't justify to scribe. So my goal is to counterfeit some kits to use those papers up so i can scribe to one kit club next year. All of those things are store on this small bookshelf I created.

Each shelf hold two specific project or pages:
first shelf--Amber and Caleb's pages
second shelf--Tyler's pages and yearly pages
third shelf--school album and birthday albums
fourth shelf--Dec daily 2010 and 2011
fourth shelf-- extra Christmas supplies and premade pages
My goal this week is to finish the three spots on the shelf--amber, Caleb and Tyler's pages

I'm finish up the pages on Caleb--here is a peek of currently layout sitting on table--

In this box is all the unfinished pages that just need journals and date--
I don't write late at night--tend to make mistakes alot when I'm tire so I'm hoping to do this on Saturday during the day to finish this up. 



Mary Pat Siehl said...

love all your organizing!

Becky said...

Your organizing is so inspiring! I need to to some cleaning up too!