Friday, September 28, 2012

Oragnize Your stuff (Round 6): Week 4: Papers

this week is paper week over at Organize your stuff challenge at two peas.  I'm still working on this challenge as I have ton of papers.  I'm storing all of my papers into these cropper hoppers. on this bookcase. I like to have all my papers in one spot.
 Here is a closer look: on this shelf is all my solid color cardstock. the first two holders are stampin up, the small holder is stamping up pattern papers. next to it is bazzill papers in three holders--I just started buying these and love them.  the last three holders are other types of papers I have brought over the year. I'm planning to purge some of them as colors I know I won't use at all and eventually using rest up.  the smaller stacks of papers I haven't sort yet.
 On this shelf is all my theme papers, I'm planning to go thur them again to resort as i have more papers to add. 
 this is more papers that need to be sorted and put away that was sitting here since Sunday.  I was able to get in room last night and started working on it.  I'm about halfway done with sorting and purging.

My goal is to finish the pile and reorganize and label holders on  the shelf before the next challenge. I will update once i completed this task.

Tomorrow I will posting some layouts I did for twins' monthly milestones. Until then, have a great day.