Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Organize Your Stuff Challenge (round 6): Week 4-Papers and Week 5-Scraps

hello, all

I'm slowly catching up on some things...

Update on Week 4-Papers
This past Sunday, I finish all the sorting, purging and organizing these papers.  I put label on them not just for me but if i have someone over to scrapbook with so they know where paper is where.  I have my paper organize like this for couple of years. I have determine to make some of these papers be used, no longer holding on for that special projects as i have find that there is always more pretty papers to fell in love with. lol

 all labels--

this week is all about scraps--any papers you may have laying around which I have alot...

 this is not all of my scraps. I decided to focus on these two piles above not to overwhelm myself this week. 

this picture is my purge stash that i will be donating.  so excited to have these papers out as i know i won't use them. 

I'll be back tomorrow to further show you what I did with these scraps...

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Mary Pat Siehl said...

oh i love my label maker!! i labeled all my paper this summer too!