Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Organize your Stuff (Round 6): Week 2&3: Brainstorming & Cleaning

Here is pictures of my scrap space--I recently move into this room in January. Not all my scrappy things are here. they are in another room that I'm slowly moving things over. However, i put it on hold when I find out this challenge is starting again. 
So for this week, we are to show our space and brainstorm what our dream room is and go from there.  Everything at its own destination spot. things easier for me to find and put on layout.  As we work thur the room each week, I will explain more what each area means. Right now, I just want to give you the peek here.
September 18, 2012

Next step is to either do an clean slate  which means take everything out or clean one area at time.  I'm going halfway.  As I mentioned before, most of my scrappy stuffs is still in other room, so I'm going to take everything out that doesn't have a place here in this room and move things over as we work on specific themes...  each week.

I haven't work on any layouts this past weekend. I'm hoping to do one tonight we shall see.... Have a great day.


Marilyn said...

You can do it...one little piece at a time!

ca angel said...

Looks like you have some great storage pieces to play with!