Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Organize your stuff (Round 6): Week 1: Space Audit

Welcome to Week 1:

here's the link to the post on two peas and here's the link to wookiemouse's blog.  This week, I'm going work on my December Daily album and figure out what I like and dislike my space. 

so far of what I noticed:

the room is little bigger than the other room.
set up is nice but need a little tweaking.
I realize I prefer to stand to scrap then to sit down.  so I'm in the process of looking into a table at higher height for standing. I have couple ideas.
I'm still organizing things--such as put all my embellishment into color...
I realize i have way too much themes products as I don't use them so I'm going to go thur them to put into color sort and rest is either use it or purge it.

I'm looking forward to really complete this round and have an efficient space to scrap. 


Mary Pat Siehl said...

good luck organizing

ScrappnBee said...

Welcome to the Organize your Stuff Challenge! Interesting that you scrap standing...you might be able to put your table on the twin bed risers that they use to give you space under your bed in college? -Amanda

Marilyn said...

Looking forward to seeing more photos of your space and organizational system/items.