Thursday, January 6, 2011

Organization Storage

Here is the storage containers I was talking about earlier, I got these at Walmart for 5.97 each. There is four here, I already have two so in total of 6 projects can be here. I use my label dymo for each project name. I have three of them here so far. I'm still work on sorting and rearrange my space. I realize i have alot of stuffs in this small room. I feels like i just moving them from one spot to next because i don't know where to put them yet. lol I have made some more lists of what i need to buy yet. I'm still trying to figure out how i want to store my ribbons and now my stamps i have accumulated. I just happen to find a whole box of stamps i forgotten i had. lol
in my middle of frustration, I find this half kit I have won thur a blog--(I think Pink Cricut but i have to double check). this is leftovers. I previous did three layouts with this kit. so i pull out my preplan page on left and went to work. I want to use the Sketch Thursday (on facebook). I will post them tomorrow to see how far i gets. I was having trouble with two of pattern papers i want to use. I want to use but not enough to cover certain spots on sketch so I'm putting my thinking cap on and figuring out how i want to do it.
I know i need to purchase Peachy keen stamps I just don't know the sizes i need for these cutouts. I can't buy them right this moment. I hate being on budget. ugh! Maybe income tax time I can. One can dream. Well, I'm off to spend quality time with kids. Good night!

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