Thursday, January 20, 2011

How do I remember my journals~~

This is me: Sweet Pete said... Isn't it hard to get back to layouts you didn't finish. I have tons of those from my sons baby book, especially finishing up the journals. Um, son is 14 now. LOL So by the time I get to those layouts I'll have forgotten the details. So good for you for making that your goal!! Oh, and I love the photo of the baby w/the dog. Too darn cute! January 19, 2011 9:08 AM

I really like Tammy's five journaling strategies to help you get started so head on over and check it out:

I make sure to document my journals with or without pictures. I have a dairy set up on my computer so that each day I will journal what going on that day along with my pictures I may or may not have taken. Then once i get the pictures develop I will either print it out or write it out and put in my photo box until I am ready. I really make sure of this because I was going thru my own pictures of me and often ask my mom questions and she didn't remember some of important details which disappoint me because there is alot of great stories but not being remember. so the key is to sit down and write what you remember. then when you are ready you can match them or just journal what you know.

I have two baskets sitting on floor~ one is for pre-plan layouts and second is incomplete layouts

Pre-plan layouts will consist of papers i want to use, pictures, embellishment may be include or not, often time I will either add my own sketch or sketch from other sources. I will file in this basket until I am ready to work on it.

Incomplete layouts will consist of complete layouts that may need picture reprint or resize, and add journals. I prefer to type my journal instead of handwriting but I am trying to include more of my handwriting if journal is smaller.

Today I'm still cleaning up and go thur my basket of what need to done. I'm also working on my Project 12 layout that is due on 28th. I have that set up and will be ready to be assemble. I'm making room for my expression bc I need to use it for this layout. Yee-haw can't wait to play. :) Until then, Thanks for reading!


Tracy said...

Have fun playing.

Amanda said...

I have a hard time remembering journaling too if the photos are a few years old (most of my scrapbooking is 3 years behind!). But since I've started blogging I feel like I'm documenting much more and will have it to look back on when I finally get to that set of pictures or event.