Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Good afternoon, everyone! We had a great time last night. We went down to my bf's mother for the night. We went to a party which the kids love especially Caleb who is only 4 months old and flirting with every ladies there. lol Amber love the dog, Max that was there. However, we didn't make it to midnight. We all crash by 1030pm. lol Oh, well. We arrived home from his mom and just been relaxing. Right now, I'm reading the blogs on my dashboard and catching up. My one goal for blog is to do a post everyday on anything. lol I'll try not to bore anyone. As one of my resolutions: to enter more challenges to use up my stashes. First one is Scrapbook and Cards Today: I have heard about Project 12 this past year but wasn't able to play as I didn't heard about it until November 2010 so i decide to wait until the new year to play along. They just post their Project 12--January 2011 sketch due Jan 28th. Here is link if you interest in it:

I'm going to work on this. I haven't decide on pictures yet.

Second challenge is the Jitterbuginn' once they posted on Jan 5th! That is two challenge I chose to focus on this month.

On Two Peas, Cristi is doing a thread on New Year Scrappy Goals as support group. I am following along as well.

Out of 10 goals I have decided to do for the year, I have chosen four goals to work on for month of January:

Four goals for month January I want to accomplish this month: 1. Reorganize my scrap room and purge things i won't use 2. Finish all the unfinished layouts I have in a pile that need journals or pictures 3. Finish my Dec Daily--just need to get pictures and journals printed out 4. Upload pictures to shutterfly and get them print for Dec Daily and unfinished layouts I'm also going to work on my Dec Daily tonight--get my journals done and printed them out then tomorrow is to get pictures onto 8 x 10 to save on cost. so I'm going to work it out on Pisca for this as collage. Then on Monday I will order the pictures and get it done. I'm excite to do this month as I do have alot to accomplish but I will be taking ministep so I don't burn myself out. Thank for reading!

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