Saturday, April 30, 2011

Project 2011--End of Apirl Accounting

Well, my progress are still slow with illness, holidays, and others... I'm still trying to catch up. I may need to change my strategy to meet my goals more.

My April goals were:

1. Reorganize the room
Receive my CH paper pouches and complete this challenge. right now I'm working on my scraps pile, sorting, cutting and putting them in my scrap drawers.
This coming Sunday is working on photos--I'm still debating on how to do my photos on computers. I back my pictures onto flash drive. planning to upload them to shutterfly to get them print. so I'm working on this.

2. Work on my pre-plan layouts that are in the basket
I finished my vacation swap. Just waiting for them to return as I forget to take pictures of my layouts I did. will post once I get them back. 

Currently working on two pages layout--my pregnant belly for daughter's album

still have 14 more to do extra I find when i cleaning so going to recount. lol

3. Work on Dec Daily Project
still havent' even look at this yet--just doesn't feel like Christmas to me now. lol

4. Work on Birthday Album Projects
plan to work on this next week for Easter gift that is my goal.
Pictures are in just need to embellish and journal
didn't happen

5. Mother's day gifts--making cards then will need to upload prints for little brag books I'm making

These goals will continue on for May.


Staci said...

Good on you for listing everything! Hope you are productive in your goals. :-)

Tracy said...

Good luck on your goals.
I made some goals in the beginning of the year, and reassessed them a couple months ago.
I was going to do this monthly...well time slipped away.
I need to re-check them again.
Thanks for the reminder :)

Scrapbrat1 said...

I have always had scrapping goals and I think this is a cool idea to list them and kind of keep track, right on your blog. You have inspired me, and I'm thinking I might have to do this in May!

Vanessa said...

Good Luck with your goals.