Friday, November 12, 2010

Great day to scrap!

Good morning all, I'm currently working on my photos organization on computer. going thur using fix red eyes, and putting tags on it then will back up to my flashdrive in case harddrive crashes (knock on wood). doing one folder at a time should done this before lol Anyhow, I was cleaning up and reorgaizing my basket that has incomplete layouts that need journaling. I find my son's umbical cord. However in middle of cleaning, I lost that and now cna't find it. I looked everywhere. :( I am refusing to vaccum until i find it I looked on floor, in garabage can, everywhere where i think it might be and nana some elf must of came and got it. lol I'm hoping I will find it while i continue to clean. It can't be lost forever right. so I've couple challenges I am going to try this weekend to work on but we'll see. It is hard to get to room when I can. My daughter is refusing to take nap. She is not even two yet. back to work.

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