Friday, November 19, 2010

Wow-times just flew!

Good afternoon, all Yesterday I was at Big Lots and saw this on the shelf. I couldn't resist that big coffee cup. No, I won't be using it as a coffee cup. lol I would never be able to drink it all. lol After I make the cake, I am planning to use this cup in my scraproom to hold my markers and pen. It will go with my colors I have chose for my scraproom. I'm currently working on three projects: my first one is of course the wedding challenge: As you can see, it still in progress. I kinda got stuck on cover. I'm not sure if I'm liking this so I'm working on save the date card. you can see there is other stuffs on this table i need to put away where they belongs. lol Cleaning up is hard to do when i know i have lot of projects i need to do especially with Christmas coming around the corner. so i have decide to wait until January to do the major cleaning and purging where i can focus it more. This is my second project that I just started working on. This is Christmas gift for my friend, Sherry. Don't worry she doesn't know i have this blog. lol She love all the gifts i have made for her this couple past years. I will see if i can find the pictures of all items i have made for her to show you. I'm working on valentine's collage. I gotten this ideas from several blogger. I was originally going to make my own 2x2 squares or Atc size for 13 by 10 frame. While i was getting some papers, embellishments, etc. I came across the valentine swaps I did in 2009 (i think) I had them in a box which i completely forgotten about. so I went thur them as you can see the mess here. lol While i was doing this, I kept thinking of picture frame i saw when i was in big lot that i could incorporate alot more of this. I'm not sure what size that frame was but it was a large square for 10 dollars so that means a trip to big lot to get that frame to do this. I know if i use this smaller frame I might just do the 2x2 square as show on the bottom but i really like the larger pieces. Some of them were tags and i altered them to 2x2 square which work great. so i may change it up and do all 2x2 squares for this smaller frame. or get that larger frame. ooh, what a dilemma. lol or i could do it like i have picture below. wow don't know what to do. I have while yet or i could do both because i know her birthday is two day after Christmas as well. lol i know i know. my third project is one for design team that deadline is coming up pretty soon. I better get cracking and finish that up this weekend. lol Thanks for reading.
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Julia Dunnit said...

ooh you're busy Michele! I love the coffee cup - could easily drink that amount of coffee - trouble is it would be like a tidal wave in that shallow cup shape!!

Tracy said...

Love you cup, I too would NOT be drinking coffee, hate the stuff. But for some reason I love coffee mugs?
Love all that you are working on.

Becky said...

Your mug looks great, but I would be drinking coffee out of it! :-) You look like your keeping busy!

peggy aplSEEDS said...

what a special gift your friend is getting! lovely!