Saturday, October 24, 2009

Scrapy Night!

Last night I went over to my friend's house to do some paper pieceing using sizzix and circut. I had alot of fun. I will post pictures later. I still have more to do yet but at least some fo them are already done and in my pre-planning folders when I get the pictures develop. I have been looking for some kind of tote or bag to put all my papers i have so i can take them with me to crop. No luck! having hard time find what i want. I was thinking of using the infile storage box that Joann have to use for my paper then I want to find a rolling bag to put them into for easy carrying. I've been having a hard time packing my bag for crop--i have been doing the pre-plan pages to reduce the amount of stuffs to take with. I have find that sometime I don't always work on them while there that I may do something else. so I will keep looking for the "perfect" bag or tote to take with. Well, that's it for now. Ill be back later to post pictures.

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