Monday, December 21, 2009

Projects I have finished so far--more to go

This is Amber's newborn picture i added to tree. Her birthday is December 26 day after Christmas--daddy call her Santa's leftovers. lol such a cutie. Got the red photo frame from Wal-mart for 2 dollars. I had these ribbon in my stash which work perfectly with theme i was going for. I use pink n blue glitter glue.
I had these snowman ornaments forever--not sure where i got them. I finally dug them out and decide to do something with them. I just stamp various sayings on them using stazon inks and various buttons to alter them a little. They got really cute.
I wanted to get my daughter's first Christmas ornament but everywhere i went they were sold out. I just happen to be at Micheals to get some paper to finish another project. I saw this for 4$ I happen to have 40% off coupon. I thought it so adorable. so As I went to check out, it actually ring up 1.99 then add coupon to it. Happy dance. lol I'm still working on it. I stain it with cherry blossom to the booties. then I want to add something to front but don't know what yet and what to use. I want to add the year to it. better finish this so i can put it on tree.
this project I did for a friend for her Christmas present. I went to a larger frame to mat better but I didn't get a chance to update the picture. Anyway, she loved it!
I only have couple more to do to try to finish up this week. Thank for looking.

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