Saturday, June 26, 2010

Amber's First Haircut

Hi, all
Today is another milestone for my little girl! She will be getting her first haircut. I will post pictures later in afternoon. I'm so excite for her. I hope she does well. :)
In scrappin' world, I've been whipped out couple layouts this past week. This morning, I'm working on my journals and getting them on the layouts to complete them. I also started my second baby boy's album. My goal is to use what I have in my stash but I also started a shopping list because I don't have many boy themes hmmm strange. lol I've mostly girly papers and some neutrals. I also started a list of cricut cartridges I want to buy. They keep coming out with so many new cartridges that I can't keep up. lol I'm slowly getting the room set up the way i want. It's starting to work for me. I will posted pictures of the room once I finished setting it up. I need to make some changes to make it work for me. Currently, I don't like where my papers are. I thought since it is next to my desk that i can reach it. I think if it was in a different paper holders like the tray it might work better but using these paper holders i have to pick it up and put it on my desk and sort thur the papers which make it hard bc there is no surface on desk since I'm working on layout to do this. So I have to figure out where to put them in the room that is easy for me to get to and have a counter top to sort thur them. There is not much room here to add another furtures. I will have to think about this some more. or just make do for now. I'm planning to buy two folding tables to set up behind me so i can further spread out. Well, that's it for now. I'll be back later.
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