Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!

Today we celebrated Father's day but my little girl didn't cooperate in taking pictures because of cake sitting in front of her. She want that cake!!! lol
I thought I posted my 'new' scrap room since the last time i posted my previous scraproom with a mess. lol I need to redo organization challenge again to start some over. I'm still unpacking some things but been doing some layouts in between. lol I have made a list of what containers I need to purchase to reorganizing some stuffs since I lost my big bookcase I had in previous scrap room. However, plus side is that cabinet which will be a perfect place for my cutting board which is currently cover up with my sticker embellishments and baby papers. lol I will posted more pictures of room in couple days once I can organize it little better and add notes what are in there. Thanks for reading! Come back again!

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