Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Awesome Giveawy!

I have been hearing about the I-rock. Never thought you could use it for front of album. I have this on my wishlist which keep growing. lol Check it out! I haven't have the baby yet! Still waiting! I'm slowing getting my layouts with journals completed. Finally, now I'm going thur completed layouts of my daughter's and making a list of waht i need to add yet that i have in my head such as her nursery--i thought i had taken pictures but didn't. I have read on someone's blog that it is ok to take it now to add. I'm planning to take pictures of her crib she slept in until june , her dresser, changing table that she has outgrow now. I have her baby clothes in bin yet that I'm planning to take picture of, her diaper bag, her first piggy bank etc. and few others. I have start my son's layouts--his ultrasounds, and my belly shots. mm That's it for now. Thanks for reading.


Jingle said...

I love that you have started your layouts for your baby who hasn't even arrived yet! How fun!

Shell said...

I don't think we ever quite keep up with the layouts or the photos... and the more kids you have the harder it seems to get!