Friday, August 6, 2010

Big Day!!!

Today is my due date--Aug 6th of my little boy. However, nothing is happening yet. lol Yesterday I was having contractions from 630am to about 6pm. I had my prenatal checkup--I'm only 2 cm but doc feels that he will go sometime this weekend. I think he goign to arrive late, not going to be on schedule. My stubborn little guy! I can see it now! lol I'm in mood to scrap but have to wait for my sweetie to wake up. He is a night owl and sleep all day. It is hard for me to handle that because I'm the opposite which i have to be with my daughter. lol She is my early bird. I have a perfect paper for her to describe her being my early bird. I think i will scrap that today and i have pictures of her in her crib in morning. lol Also, I have two pages layouts for Pink cricut to post from when i won her giveaway. I need to finish that up today so i can post. I have't been able to send my pictures to get them develop yet. That is still on my to do list. It keeps growing. lol Number one is i need to clean my scrap room it is a diaster right now. lol Well, that's it for now. will post more later.

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Amy said...

Wow!! Good luck to you and your new little one!!