Thursday, September 30, 2010

Good morning, all! I have been up since 4am not by choice. lol My son Caleb was ready for his feeding then my daughter decide to get up half hour later. She jsut fell asleep around 6 am for short nap. lol So I know I will be crashing tonight. :) In previous post, ccomrie23 --Charlies was my partner for that swap. I'm trying to find my pictures of stuffs I made for her but can't find it in my picture files. I really made some cute stuffs. Anyway, I'm hoping to get into my scrap room later today to finish up some projects, upload pictures to Walmart, and do some organizing some stuffs around to make it easier for me to scrap. For past two days, I sorted my buttons into colors. I tend to scrap by color. I orginally have them all in this tin container but it wasn't working for me as it take me too long to find what I want for layouts. With having two kids, time is not on my side. lol Currently, I'm saving up some money to purchase Micheal cubes to store all of my embellishments together except ribbbons by colors. Ribbons will be in separte cubes as I have to many of them. I will post pictures as each month go by. Thanks for reading!

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