Saturday, August 13, 2011

Organize your Stuff: update

Hi, all

I'll be covering a few weeks to update what I haven't posted for while.

Week 9: Embellishments

I recently find these storage boxes for my embellishments. I have decide to group them by color as I tend to scrap by colors. since I did this, I just love it.

Week 10 and 11 : Alphas,non-alphas, and rub-on

I combined both ao and 11 as I sorted them by colors, or themes depending on what they are.  they are in my file drawers.  I have been using them more up now then I did before. I also started a small purge piles as I have set rules when to use them up as i have some of them for years.  Some of them may have went into my embellishment boxes such as for example-in the yellow box, I put the flower stickers in this so i can use them more.  I have few small rub-on collections taht are store in my karen foster small box as I don't have too many of them. 

Week 12: ribbons, threads, and fibers
As you can see, I had sorted most of my ribbons into color. Then I'm planning to wrap them around card to store them easily I haven't work on for while which I need to start it up again.
This is where I store all my fun furs.  I don't mind digging thur and finding what i need as I don't often refer to it. Threads--I only have about two as I just recently get a sewing maching at Kmart for 28 bucks. whoo whoo.  I'm planning to get those thread rack that you can put on the wall if I start to accumlate more. I need to go to Joann's to get the colors I would like to have.

Week 13: Stamps
I have tons of stamps.  I have a full bin here at this house and i have more at my mom's house. Right now, the bin i have here I'm sorting them by themes using the med size green bins for storage for right now until i figure out how I want to store them.  there is so many possible storages that i can't decide how i want to do them.

Week 14: Crop supplies

I have a crop bag that i used to take to crop. I also have duplicates tools such as tweezer, scissors, ruler, pencils, post it notes, and a box of embellishment mixtures. However, since having kids I hardly ever go to crop so i clean the bag out and set up a caddy for if i have guest over for scrapping and those tools can be use for them.  It works out great.  If i do go to a crop, I can just grab them again, and take my kits that i make ahead of time.

Week 15: inks, ink pads, and embossing
 Right now I have my ink pads store in the drawer to keep little hands out. I'm looking into purchase a specfic storage unit that would hold--all three ink pad, reink and markers.  I also want to purchase additional unit that would would other inks such as distress inks, and other type of inks.

Currently, I have my embossing power, heating tool and veramark ink in this drawer which I abosulaty love.

week 16: paints, glitters, and stickles

My paints are currently store away.  I only have one container of glitter and four stickles.

I will cover week 17 to 20 in couple days..

Off to work on couple layouts, thanks for reading.

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Tracy said...

I enjoy watching your progression in organizing.
I know mine could be tweaked ;)