Monday, December 20, 2010

5 days to Christmas

Where did the time goes? I can't believe Christmas is just around the corner. I'm trying to get caught up. Saturday I decide to make reindeer ornaments for the kids to have on Christmas eve to feed reindeer. Of course I ran out of adhesive again in my sticker machine. They got to put some of kind of warning that it is near the end. lol Anyhow, I will finish that up tonite, as well for couple other items. I'm still working on my dec daily but will wrap it up in January when I get my pictures develop. I have alot to do to get done this week before Christmas. I need to finish those ornaments for kids on eve, finish up the albums if can, mail out Christmas cards as soon as I get them from shutterfly should be either today or tomorrow. I know it's late it was a last minute decisions to get it done. lol I will post it as soon as everyone get their in mail. lol so that what i'm working now is getting the address label done so I just put it on and put it in the mail. I try to do the letter to Santa with my daughter but she wanted no part of it. she is too little yet for that so i figure maybe next year. I already have my album pick out for Dec daily next year. I know early. Have anyone done Dec daily the previous year? I know i have taken pictures everyday last Christmas but journals might be little hard. Last year was a huge Christmas surprise when we find out i was pregnant with our second child. I have date of when we find out and stuffs. so I'm thinking of doing that. I figure that would be January project along with other. lol Off to check others' blogs! I'm trying to get around the blogs thru Stamping Ground but not doing too great on it as I'm not feeling that great, and hard to leave comments when you have a two years old yanking on your arm. lol

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