Tuesday, December 7, 2010


This weekend did not go as planned. We meet with my bbf on Friday for dinner and exchange gifts. I will post pictures later after i do my Dec daily layout. Then we arrived home wondering why heat wasn't on. my bf went down and check it and got it running. then during the night it quits. so we were without heat for weekend until landlord got new one for us on Monday. so Monday came got it in and running. Poor guy took him almost six hours to get it hook up. Then i had a major scare last night. my 3 months old was playing on the floor when my daughter got behind our big bookshelf and push it. it fell on him. So I called 911 and took him to er. He is perfect, not a scratch on him. Thank the lord for sending him an guardian angel. so he is fine like nothing happen. ugh not soemthing this mommy want to happen. so i am getting rid of the bookshelf. whew! what a weekend! so my plan to scrap was postpone. I'm hoping to get in there today or tomorrow to catch up. I need to finish my dec daily and couple other things. as well. Thanks for reading.,

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Tracy said...

Ohh my that is scary. So glad he is fine. You could attach the bookcase to the wall.
We have had quite a few scares with my daughters, now the oldest is driving....it never ends.