Monday, December 13, 2010

Making Christmas cards

It's that time of year where we all are thinking of making our annual Christmas card to send to family and friends. I was originally going to make my homemade, however, time is running out and I'm turning to the help of digital. Below I am writing about because of an awesome deal they are offering to bloggers, in return I will receive 50 free Christmas cards. This is my opinions and experiences mentioned are mine alone. Since Shutterfly is making it easy for me to make my Christmas cards this year. I went online and check out their website. As I was checking out their card & stationary section ( ), there are hundreds of designs to choose from. I was having a hard time picking out the best designs for my pictures as there were so many to chose from. I love them all. They even have more than 1 photo if you want to include a lot of pictures. I have picked out three that go along with my pictures of kids which I‘m excited about. I’m not going to show them because then it won’t be surprise for my family and friends. Shutterfly also offers other products such as coffee mugs for those loves one, ornaments for the tree, or even a calendar of year ( . ) Another great gift I'm thinking of doing is recipe book for my mom who make our traditional cookies every christmas--is doing the photobook that Shutterfly is offering. so check it out for yourself-- so check it out for yourself and see why I love shutterfly.

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Mary Pat Siehl said...

i love shutterfly! i get mine there every year