Sunday, October 17, 2010

Work in Progress

Currently I am working on four different projects--1. is two albums for my nephew and niece, 2. treats bag for them 3. Recipe Swap (two types) 4. is pre-plan layouts i have started but need my cricut and printer to finish them up. Yes, I know too much going on. I tend to jump around alot. lol
My sweetie is off tom and Tuesday so my plan is to finish the treat bags--just need to cut out tags, stamp them with background stamp to distress and use cricut to cut out spiders and one ghost on Monday, then Tuesday will be to finish cut out for recipe swap--crock pots and recipe cards. then assembly them together except the recipe cards. I have to wait to get ink for my printer on 29th when my sweetie get paid. i will have that done next weekend and mail out in time for swap.
then Wednesday--finish the albums with cricut cutout and stamp the background stamp for firetruck album, princess I'm still looking for some good one need to go thur my stamp stuffs so i have time on this one.
I know by tomorrow my to do list will keep growing.
On side note, Kelley has blog called Kelley's Soup du Jour ( You have to check it out. Last nite, I try the Lasagna Soup--awesome even my sweetie ate up two bowl for breakfast this morning. lol He worked third shift. There was one minor detail--i didn't have any cheese so Kelley you are so right that cheese is a necessary here. I'm planning to make it again next time and I will make sure i have cheese in my fridge. Thanks so much for sharing. My next soup I'm planning ot make on Tuesday is Clam Chowder. I'm trying to introduce different flavor for my daughter to try even thou i know she is only 23 months. It took me a while to get her to eat tomato soup and now she does.
well, that's it for now Thanks for reading! I will try to post pictures tomorrow of treat bags and I may have some items to sell if I can get them upload tomorrow.


Denise said...

What a pretty mess. LOL. Sounds like you have everything all planned out. Hope you can stick to your plan :)

Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

I love to have a pile of projects to choose from. You sound organized, so I bet you get it all done! I'm off to check out the Soup du Jour. We live on soup and bread during the fall and winter!

Steph said...

Sounds like you are busy but have everything planned out. Thanks for the blog rec. We love soup in the winter.