Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wow-It's Saturday already!

Where did the time go? I have so much to do today! Well, First sad news--the other day I opened my email and saw a newsletter from my local scrapbooking store-Scrapbook Lady. They are going out of business and will closed up end of November. I'm bumming because there is only one scrapbook store and she is located about an hour away. I know she wasn't doing well with the way econmcy are going but i was hoping she would stay open. so maybe some day another will open up in my area if not I'll just order online if i need something. My to do list keep growing with several projects going--I needed a break from working on various layouts of my kids so I started working on my recipe swap project- got all my 6x6 papers cut to size needed- now I'm working on my embellishments. I recently purchase From my kitchen cricut cartridge and creating my own crockpot since it isn't on this cartridge. I will post pictures later today when I get a chance. It so cool! Don't ask me how i thought of this but I did. lol My second project is creating two birthday albums for my nephew and neice by tomorrow. Very simple to do. My sister has combine their birthday party together as Fireman/princess theme. Very cute. Will post pictures of them later today as i'm working on them. I'm planning to use the paperdoll and my commuity to create embellishments for album. My third project--Relax after creating the albums lol Then either monday or tuesday I will be creating halloween treat bags for my sister using from my stash. Again, I will be using my Tags, boxes, and more cartrige to use. I'm trying not to create so many projects at once but it's hard to stop. lol I have decided I need to upgrade my bug to expression so I'm currently saving for black Friday as i know there is always special going on. I'm hoping to get one and start using as i have so many ideas for my layouts but limit because I can only go up to 5 1/2. I know I will be using both of them once I purchased an expression. I was planning to work on these projects last night but I had a scare from my 21 months old daughter. She fell and hit her head on concrete porch. She was crying then suddenly stop and it looks like she had a seizure-like symptom. She came out of it. So I took her to ER to get her check out. Better safe than sorry. She is fine. Doc say it may have been an shock from fall. She didn't fall very far but enough to scare this mommy. She is perfectly fine today getting into more trouble. lol She loves to climb on everything. Well, i should get off of here and start working on those projects. :)


Mary Pat Siehl said...

sorry to hear your store is closing!

Steph said...

Sounds like you have lots of fun crafty plans. Glad to hear your daughter is ok. Must have been scary!

Tracy said...

Ohh my, I would have been so scared, glad she is ok.
Wow lady you sure are busy. 2 albums in one day WOW.
Recipe swap sounds like fun.