Friday, January 8, 2010

Flu season over??

I'm starting to get over the cold. We took our daughter to doc wednesday. She woke up with bloody nose. She has an ear infection. No sign that she has one. just the runny nose and crankiness. With medicine, she actually slept all night now. She is back to her normal schedule.
The past two nights I actually got my journalings done and already on the layouts. I completed at least 6 of them. Yeah, I'm so excited. lol Still have alot to do yet. Tonight I am preplaning my next set of pictures with paper and embellishment I want to use. I have find this to be easy for me to complete couple layouts at a time plus If I'm going to a crop I can take them with me to work on. I'm so excited about this one layout I did but I can't post until after Janurary 20th. I'm trying my hand on the Pagemap contest. I just love how it turns out. I'm still working on the organizing stage. I haven't even started lol. I'm currently look at paper storage. I need to purchase more copper hopper holders. I'm still working on purging stage as I go. As I'm doing the preplan stage, I've been going thru the papers and pulling out what i know I won't use at all and I'm tire of holding them thinking I will when i won't lol. That's it for now. Thanks for reading.

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