Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Today I am...

sick! lol I have this flu for couple days now. My daughter is also sick. I haven't been in mood to anything that include scrapbooking. ugh! I'm starting to miss scraping. I have been planning to scrap at night when my daughter go to bed but you know how it is--too tired to do anything. I so need to get caught up on my house chores and other stuffs. One things at time that what i keep telling myself. lol Tomorrow is another day. Still haven't done the journalings yet--hoping too this week. that is one goal i want to do before continuing my other ongoing projects. I have't done any organization yet. so need to start that too. mmm i have some ideas to redo some of my storage needs. I am also starting to purging some things into a box. Going to continue that and then I am planning to email some of my scrapy friends to come over and look thru my box before I donate them to a church group. Well, that's it for now. Will keep u posted.

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