Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Organization Progress=Messy Room

Organizing my scrapbook room is slowly very slowly coming along. Anyway, first thing i had to do was clean up the floor so i can work around each stations. so all the papers i have pull out to work on my daughter's album have been put away all scraps went into my scrap drawers, put tools away where they belongs. This is still in progress as I keep working on projects that i need to do such as Thank you cards, birthday card, valentine cards, etc. I'm hoping after this week in completing all projects I can completly focus on organization.
All my papers are store in vertical copper hopper. I sorted paper by colors then type (plain, texture, and PP) then i have two hoppers that i have paper sorted by holiday such as mother's day, valentine's day, etc., and theme such as girls, boys, school, pets, etc. I have christmas in its own hopper bc i have so much of it. I still need to buy more copper hoppers for others paper that are currently on shelves. I will do this after i go through each holder and purges papers that I know i won't use at all.
I sorted my scraps by colors. I'm planning to go through each drawer and cut them down to specfic sizes that i have see several peas do. However, I'm planning to donate them to someone who will use them for cards.
Well that's it for now. Thank for reading.


Tracy said...

I am organizing too. I am trying to get a stamping area together.
Check on some of my older posts on my blog and maybe you could give me some hints.

Marlene said...

I am constantly organizing. (Anal organizer here). Looks like you're making good progress!